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From executive offices to plant floor stations, QualityWorX Dashboard is the complete reporting interface for QualityWorX. Anyone who needs the insight to make quick decisions about production or resolve quality or performance issues can create highly visual displays of key performance indicators. Drill down from those high-level summaries to part by part detail in only three clicks to identify underperforming stations or explore individual birth history records to isolate problem parts and identify root cause.


Access production data

Organized, real-time data at your fingertips

  • At-a-glance, real-time display of manufacturing performance and quality KPIs
  • Web-based for remote access and sharing
  • Set up the your custom Dashboard from a library of standard charts and gauges or run reports such as:
  • Part History report
  • First time yield
  • Summary report
  • Trend browser
  • Failure Pareto
  • Failure report
  • Defect Pareto
  • Repair Traffic
QualityWorX Dashboard


Drill down to detailed manufacturing data visualizations

For a more detailed view of your production processes, you can drill down in many of the standard reports.

  • Review and compare digital process signature data at your desk
  • Includes analysis of images and data from vision systems
  • Contemporary, ribbon-based UI

Drill-down into a report



Quick, easy reports reveal manufacturing production quality

Dashboard provides quick and easy reporting. Launch a report with a single click, and drill down to view top view to part history by serial number in three clicks.

  • Instantly review critical KPIs
  • Quickly identify production issues and initiate corrective actions
  • Ability to share dashboards across team

Report types in QualityWorX Dashboard