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CTS-Schreiner delivers leak test instruments and custom tooling for every industry including medical, automotive, defense, aerospace, and consumer products. For over 40 years, the company has been providing pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, differential pressure, and other leak detection technologies for customers around the globe. As part of the TASI Group of Companies, CTS-Schreiner works with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) and Sciemetric Instruments to help customers compete and win in an Industry 4.0 world increasingly defined by data.

CTS-Schreiner combines its LPC family of leak detection instruments and its extensive experience in leak detection technologies with the global expertise of CTS, as well as Sciemetric’s capabilities in large volume leak-testing, and in data management for traceability, test optimization, and root-cause analysis. Together, these partners can customize for any manufacturer in almost any vertical the right leak test for the job and employ the data-driven insight that ensures quick set-up and reliable performance from day one.

Tell CTS-Schreiner what you need for your Industry 4.0 migration and its team will deliver.

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