Waveform vs scalar data and SPC | What is the difference between them? A process signature shows the full operation, while scalar data offers only snapshots. Product Launch Manager, Robert explains why SPC and scaler data isn't enough to determine root cause analysis on the production line and how with the use of digital signature analysis, it can easily be found - Automation Mag



Design Engineering publication highlighted Sciemetric's Model 3675 turnkey Leak Test station that can be customized to accommodate plant requirements, including any geometric concerns with the leak tester and the tested part.



Spotting Bubbles With Process Data | Vision systems can’t see air trapped within gasketing material, so an automotive powertrain supplier turned to Sciemetric to find a new way to spot bubbles before they compromised seals. Account Manager, Aaron Alberts explains how signature analysis was used to detect air bubbles in the process - Today's Motor Vehicles



Smart Industry interviewed Sciemetric’s CEO, Nathan Sheaff to get his thoughts on how the digital transformation is affecting leak testing, including the elements that come into play, opportunities for “smart” testing and how it will help overcome the common challenges manufacturers face. Take a look at the full interview.

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Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing on the factory floor poses its share of challenges. With all that industrial background noise, it can be almost impossible to pick up specific sounds such as clicks, whirrs or buzzes. Placing a microphone close to the part doesn’t help. Quality engineers may think their... More >

Is Your Leak Test Smart Enough for Industry 4.0?

Leak testing is never cut and dry and data analytics is more important than ever! This e-book provides information on collecting the right data, what it can tell you and what you can actually do with it. Download it here >

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