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Eliminate Data Silos

Imagine having all your production data in one central location that’s globally accessible while being able to easily create and extract reports, and quickly find defects. Now you can with QualityWorX
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News Updates


Sciemetric is discontinuing the Model 298 CPU Drawer as a result of the discontinuation of components used in the manufacture of the product and the increasing costs of maintaining the legacy technology. Click for details on the last buy date and more.



Sciemetric has added commissioning application engineers to their Global Installations team in order meet customer needs for installation, training, and technical support on their worldwide test and process monitoring products.



Sciemetric announced the release of PSV 4.1, the latest version of the configurable test software for the sigPOD universal platform. The release adds a number of features, such as sequencing leak tests on command, global state table and more.



Sciemetric is discontinuing the optional Interbus fieldbus card for the sigPOD 1200 models. Click for details on the last buy date and more.

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Easily Configure Your System

We have added new, free sigPOD application template to easily configure your system for your test requirements even more quickly.

- Gas Pedal Tester- New
- Brake Rotor Runout Test - New
- Light Bulb test - New
- Injection Mold Monitoring - New

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