Sciemetric has secured from the European Patent Office a "Methods and Systems for Leak" patent that covers the innovations contained in the 3520 Series Leak Test. This filing extends Sciemetric's leak patent protection to the 40 nations that adhere to the European Patent Conventions.



Order the 3520 Series Leak Tester and receive a bonus Studio LT license! With every order of the 3520 placed before October 31, Sciemetric is including one license for Studio LT, our next generation analytics software for smart manufacturing. Don’t miss your chance to improve your process with the analytics capability you need to make the most of your leak test. Certain conditions apply.



Sciemetric appoints David Mannila as the company's Product Manager. With more than 20 years of product development and manufacturing test experience, in management and senior technical roles. He previously served with Sciemetric from 1994 – 2009. In David's new role he is responsible for new product concept, definition, development, and maintaining Sciemetric’s overall product roadmap.



Sciemetric has released QualityWorX Vision. This software is setting a new standard for managing and using vision data, enabling manufacturers to improve and optimize their investments in machine vision inspection. The result is real-time insights that empower smarter decision making.

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Solving Your Top 5 Manufacturing Issues – with Data: Webinar

In this webinar, Sciemetric’s CTO, Richard Brine and Product Manager, Dave Mannila share tips for making practical use of the data you collect to solve the top five problems manufacturers typically experience on their production lines. 

Watch the webinar on demand.