Sciemetric's President & General Manager, Nathan Sheaff shares his insights on this new chapter of Sciemetric in the Ottawa Business Journal after announcing the company's acquisition by TASI Group.



TASI GROUP ACQUIRES SCIEMETRIC INSTRUMENTS. Harrison, Ohio-based TASI Group, a family of 12 companies focused on test, inspection and measurement for manufacturing, has announced it has acquired Ottawa’s Sciemetric Instruments Inc., a pioneer of Industry 4.0 smart technologies. Sciemetric will continue to operate as an independent Canadian corporation.



Sciemetric has secured from the European Patent Office a "Methods and Systems for Leak" patent that covers the innovations contained in the 3520 Series Leak Test. This filing extends Sciemetric's leak patent protection to the 40 nations that adhere to the European Patent Conventions.



Order the 3520 Series Leak Tester and receive a bonus Studio LT license! With every order of the 3520 placed before Dec. 31, Sciemetric is including one license for Studio LT, our next generation analytics software for smart manufacturing. Don’t miss your chance to improve your process with the analytics capability you need to make the most of your leak test. Certain conditions apply.

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