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Leak Testing

From test set-up to advanced data analytics, learn how you can use best practices, digital process signature analysis and other techniques to improve your leak test before the next issue arises on the line.

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Sciemetric’s partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) means that customers gain access to products and support across the industry’s most comprehensive leak test product lineup. 

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Data Intelligence

Easily store, retrieve and analyze images and data from vision inspection systems using QualityWorX Vision.


Data Intelligence

Read this popular e-book to find out how to collect, correlate and analyze the right data for faster, more accurate decision-making in an Industry 4.0 environment.

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Latest from Sciemetric


Electric vehicles present unique testing challenges

Rob Plumridge, Sciemetric leak application engineer, discusses best practices for leak testing e-vehicle batteries and how the 3520 Series Leak Test can be used for this purpose, with Assembly Magazine.


Effective data analysis

In this feature published by Automation Magazine, Dave Mannila, senior product manager at Sciemetric, talks about how manufacturers can and should use their production data for greater visibility into production processes – to reduce cycle times, control costs and improve productivity across the plant. With today’s tools, a modest investment can generate an ROI in a matter of months and yield millions in annual savings.


How to stay competitive in a connected revolution

In this feature published by Machine Design Magazine, Derek Kuhn, Sciemetric’s senior vice-president, argues why machine builders can’t ignore the growing use of process data by manufacturers to drive quality assurance, greater automation, efficiency and profitability. Manufacturers want this intelligence incorporated into a line as it is being built, rather than incur the time and expense of procuring equipment, hardware, and software from different vendors and trying to integrate it all together.


Sciemetric’s QualityWorX Vision Wins Gold at Vision Systems Design’s Innovators Awards 2018

April 10, 2018 – Ottawa, Canada – Sciemetric has been recognized with a Gold 2018 Innovators Award for its QualityWorx Vision software suite at the Fourth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards, presented during The Vision Show in Boston, MA. QualityWorX…


Introducing the industry’s most comprehensive leak test portfolio

Sciemetric’s new partnership with Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) marks the introduction of the industry’s most comprehensive leak test portfolio. Manufacturers worldwide now have access to the combined products and expertise of Sciemetric, CTS and CTS-Schreiner for leak test and other in-p…


Is machine vision data part of your IIoT strategy? It should be.

On many production lines, the use of machine vision images is for basic pass/fail determination during the process cycle. Related data collection doesn’t often extend past camera performance. Pass/fail results, after serving their immediate purpose, are often discarded. If they are kept, they are c…


5 top trends in smart manufacturing

So, your plant collects data—but how are you using that data? Is your data empowering individuals on the plant floor to take quick, decisive action? Is your data supporting timely and informed decision-making in the corner office? With reams of manufacturing process data being generated every da…


Discontinuation Notice: sigPOD Profibus Option

Discontinuation Notice: sigPOD Profibus Option February 20, 2018 -- Ottawa, Canada -- Sciemetric has announced the discontinuation of the the sigPOD Profibus option. Please click here to see the discontinuation notice and for key dates.


Adding vision to process monitoring

Today’s Motor Vehicles editor Rob Schoenberger talks with Mathew Daniel, Sciemetric’s VP of Operations, about the network architecture and best practices manufacturers must adopt to make more effective use of their machine vision images and data to drive quality and contain defects.


Eight reasons why you should manage your machine vision data

In this feature with Vision Systems Design, Mathew Daniel, Sciemetric’s VP of Operations, explores how bringing images and image data into the serialized birth history record for each part in production opens the door to advanced analytics for process improvement and traceability for defect containment. It just takes careful planning to determine how best to collect, store and manage this data.