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Data Intelligence

Machine vision images and data are a valuable part of the Manufacturing 4.0 equation but they are often trapped in data silos across the plant floor. This e-book outlines how to make better use of machine vision images and data as part of a consolidated picture of all the data collected from your production line.

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Sciemetric and Cincinnati Test Systems have brought the data management and analytics of Manufacturing 4.0 to leak and flow testing, allowing CTS customers to harness their industrial data for fast, reliable decision-making.

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Process Monitoring

Boost your process monitoring benchmarks with sigPOD. This in-station process monitoring platform uses advanced signature analysis to track manufacturing processes, deliver real-time pass/fail feedback and the most advanced defect detection.


Leak Testing

How can quality engineers meet Industry 4.0 requirements for emission control, performance and reliability while coping with increased production volumes that demand shortened cycle times? Make the test better with data.

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Latest from Sciemetric


Manufacturing analytics: So you’re collecting data, but can you use it in a recall?

It’s when manufacturers are faced with a recall or warranty claim that they realize data collection alone has little value if they can’t easily access and analyze it. Learn how we helped one manufacturer of agricultural machinery use their data to improve their root cause analysis time from weeks to minutes!


Smart cameras: Unlocking the ROI trapped in the black box

A smart camera or machine vision system can do so much more than basic, "dumb" cameras—but many manufacturers don't take advantage of their full capability in terms of data analysis. That’s where the opportunity arises to generate a strong return on your machine vision investment, unlocking the full potential of the "black box".


Data visualization and analysis provides double-digit gains in leak test cycle time and FTT

Many manufacturers face the costly problem of a lagging leak test cycle time. With constant pressures on production, line managers have no choice but to run parallel test stations to maintain production quotas. More often than not, the answer is simple—use your leak test data. Here’s how one customer did it.


Date with data

Sciemetric's Manufacturing IT Manager, Patrick Chabot shares insights on how manufacturers can make better use of their machine vision data in this article by IMV (Imaging and Machine Vision) Europe.


QualityWorX CTS DataHub claims the New Product of the Year Award at The ASSEMBLY Show 2018

The manufacturing industry, as represented at The ASSEMBLY Show, has chosen the QualityWorX CTS DataHub as the 2018 New Product of the Year.


Sciemetric nominated for New Product of the Year Award at The Assembly Show

The QualityWorX CTS DataHub is a nominee for the New Product of the Year Award at The Assembly Show, taking place Oct. 23-25 in Rosemont, IL. Come visit us with Cincinnati Test Systems at Booth 813 to see this new product in action!


The noise in the background: Ensuring accuracy with helium leak testing

There are some instances where an acceptable leak rate is so small as to be practically zero. Few air leak test methods, such as pressure decay, have the necessary detection range. These situations call for a trace gas-based test method. Learn more in this article in Quality Magazine, written by Cincinnati Test Systems' Systems Engineer, Peter Bonyhati.


Test Equipment Spotlight: QualityWorX CTS DataHub

Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric have brought the data management and analytics of Manufacturing 4.0 to leak and flow testing with their first collaboration as part of the TASI Group. Learn more about the QualityWorX CTS DataHub.


Machine vision data management software simplifies root-cause analysis

Cross-process analysis of images, image data and other process data improves quality, process control, and enables continuous process improvements. Learn more in this article in Vision Systems Design, by Sciemetric's Manufacturing IT Manager, Patrick Chabot.


What can go wrong will

Even on a modern manufacturing line equipped to collect and analyze process data, something can always slip through the cracks to derail quality and efficiency. This is only to be expected. But what if a key assembly process still rests entirely with a human being manually completing a task? There is no obvious data trail, no process monitoring in real-time. What then? In this article, Sciemetric's Manufacturing IT Manager, Patrick Chabot discusses the importance of having a strategy for continuous improvement on the line.