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There is defect on your line you just can’t catch. Maybe it’s showing up in a first-time yield rate...

Add quality to your toolkit

Sciemetric’s Integrator Partner program provides a simple, cost-effective way for machine builders to add process monitoring to their solutions.

  • Plug and play, proven systems reduce the hassle of coding and are faster to implement.
  • One platform featuring all common software covers most manufacturing operations makes it easy to set up and manage spares.
  • Software can be developed for your customized applications if required and branded with your company name.
  • Your name can appear on the system to provide your customer with brand recognition.
  • Discounts are provided to signed partners and products like the new two-channel sigPOD 1302 make it extremely cost effective.

Plus, when you include Sciemetric you are providing your customers with the best defect detection and process monitoring available.

Let us help you deliver what your customers want; we make it as simple and cost-effective as possible so that you can focus on other parts of your projects. Click here to request more information.