Tie together all of the systems on your line to
get the visibility you need

Sciemetric’s technology was built on using signature analysis to help manufacturers ensure quality. It evolved to lever the data from the plant floor systems to enable action.

As one long-time user of Sciemetric’s technology said (paraphrasing W. Edward Deming, a noted American statistician):
Without data, yours is just another opinion”.

So we’ve found ways of taking the data and making it meaningful. First, we created QualityWorX to collect all of the data from manufacturing processes across the line into a single database. Then we built – and continue to improve – the QualityWorX toolset to make sense of this information. As a complete solution we don’t just collect all of the data and the signatures: we let you show it all together, overlaid and interleaved so that you can drill-down into problem areas, create reports with just a few clicks, and more.

We talk a lot about “visibility”. What we mean is our technology helps to eliminate the guesswork involved in making all kinds of decisions about production. No more working blind. You’ll have the data, the ability to use it and won’t have to rely on opinion or guesswork to get you to the end goal. And though our technology works really well at a single station that’s causing problems, you’ll get the most value with a line-wide strategy. With line-wide visibility.

Browse through the many examples, papers and more on this site that will help you see the value that visibility has delivered to our customers.