Take sound & vibration tests out of the lab or quiet room and onto the production line

Excessive noise and vibration affect customer satisfaction rates and manufacturers need to add testing to contain these issues to the production line. Sound and vibration testing is challenging. It is often subjective, relying on operators to listen to the part, and some require anechoic chambers in order to be able to detect sounds.

Sciemetric technology brings sound and vibration testing to the manufacturing floor. Even in noisy environments, we can use signature analysis to evaluate the quality of the assembly. From verifying rotating machinery and motorized assemblies for unwanted noise and vibration to resonance testing, Sciemetric’s sigPOD can be configured to find the defects and also identify their root cause, such as missing components, misalignment, cracks, gear defects, etc. The use of sigPOD reduces the cost to conduct sound and vibration testing while making it data-driven, repeatable and traceable.

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