Is your leak tester failing you?

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If your tester is missing leaks, creating throughput problems, or driving up costs, take a look at the Sciemetric 3520 Series. It is consistently outperforming competitor and DIY solutions in benchmark tests and is solving many issues for some of the world's leading manufacturers.

Think of it as leak testing, reinvented.

Let's talk about how we can help you address your specific leak test issues. It's a no obligation conversation and all it takes is a quick request form. Sciemetric has helped many manufacturers substantially improve quality, productivity, and ongoing leak test management while reducing costs and we'd like to see how we can do it for you.

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Our leak tester is faster, more accurate and provides ROI that provides a clear business case for change. Let us show you how our newly patented leak test technology can enhance your plant and your profitability.

Sciemetric 3520 Series Leak Test Module

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7 steps to better leak testing

Leak testing isn’t just a science, it’s an art. Many variables can impact test outcomes, and you need the right tools to manage them. This free eBook gives you best practices, a proven methodology, and practical tips to achieve better results starting today.

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What factors influence the time it takes to fill a part before leak testing?

Test Engineering Manager, Steve White

How can I reduce the cycle time for my leak test?

Sciemetric President, Nathan Sheaff

Why is my leak rate repeatability so poor?

Account Manager, Ron Pawulski

How can I quickly confirm that my leak tester is working properly?

Test Engineering Manager, Steve White

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Check out how Sciemetric Leak Test solutions add value across your production line.

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See the top 8 key benefits our customers are achieving with the 3520 Series Leak Test.

  1. Catch defects that others miss

    Catching problems before they leave the line and pre-empting warranty claims are important goals for many plants.

    Within a few weeks of installing their 3520 leak test, one large powertrain manufacturer found a defect their previous leak tester would have missed. The problem was caught before final assembly and a high potential warranty cost was avoided. With just this first defect found, the customer told us the system had already "paid for itself" and they've now standardized on the 3520 Series.

    Another customer, an automotive OEM, was plagued by defects making it to the field because their leak tester could not find leaks associated with a particular failure. Their trial of the 3520 Series found the defect reliably, and the resulting data clearly showed the repeatable signatures (i.e. waveform characteristics) of the bad parts.

  2. Achieve faster than targeted cycle times

    The 3520 Series combines pinpoint accuracy with remarkable fill and stabilization times to enable manufacturers to reliably find leaks faster. From 5 minutes to under 2, from 12 seconds down to 4, from 16.3 seconds to 4.5, Sciemetric has helped high volume assembly lines reduce the bottleneck at leak test.

    This fast cycle time allowed one manufacturer to bring off-line leak testing into the component assembly linewhile still taking over production from another factory.

  3. Stop investing in new test stations

    When leak test hits a bottleneck, why add more stations if you can optimize the existing ones? With the speed, accuracy and flexibility of the 3520 Series, existing production lines have reduced the number of test stations and eliminated the need for capital investment in new ones.

    One components manufacturer actually increased throughput after reducing 8 off-lineleak testers to 4 in-line. In another example, an off-highway parts assembly plant avoided buying a $300,000+ leak test station by simply implementing the 3520 Series on their existing stations.

  4. Reduce your overall costs

    Cost reduction and management is on the mind of every manufacturer. Not only are 3520 Series customers cutting costs in obvious areas such as scrap, quarantine and warranty fulfillment, but they've also reduced workforce requirements, avoided capital expenses for new leak test stations, and reduced annual operational costs for existing ones.

    With little confidence in their leak test results, one OEM simply scrapped tens of thousands of units a year, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and materials. The move to the 3520 Series dramatically improved the reliability and repeatability of their leak test and gave them visual, data-driven insight into failures, reducing false positives and the number of assembled parts scrapped.

  5. Use data for faster troubleshooting, optimization and traceability

    The ability to visualize good and bad parts or runs and to dive into the data to make improvements is missing in most of today's leak testers.

    Not so with the Sciemetric solution. Our expertise in data management is frequently the tipping point for manufacturers considering a full implementation of our patented technology. No other leak test system provides rich waveform data to enable quick resolution of problems, continuous leak test optimization, and full serial number traceability for every test.

  6. Require fewer operators

    Personnel costs are a huge consideration for virtually every operation. The 3520 Series features enhanced repeatability and enables 100% in-line leak testing with fewer operators.

    Our customers have significantly reduced personnel costs by minimizing the number of leak test stations required. For example, one manufacturer eliminated four staff positions at one leak test area on the production line after implementing the 3520 Series.

  7. Reduce the leak test footprint

    Manufacturing space is at a premium, and making optimal use of the plant floor is an important consideration. Several customers have already deployed the compact 3520 Series to replace large pneumatic setups, freeing up much-needed floor space.

  8. Trust leak tester to do its job

    If you can't trust your leak test, what's the point? Designed for accuracy and speed, and able to present a variety of rich data visualizations, Sciemetric solutions are renewing our customers' confidence in their leak test and giving them the peace of mind to move on to other operational improvements.

    Competitive tests have consistently shown significantly reduced gage R&R ,demonstrating the reliability and repeatability you can expect from the 3520 Series.

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Solve your production line issues faster – for FREE!

For a limited time, with your purchase of a 3520 Leak Tester, you’ll get a free license for Sciemetric Studio LT, our next-generation analytics software for smart manufacturing.

Don’t miss out on this powerful combination of the industry’s best leak tester and the only manufacturing analytics tool that helps you use part data to improve efficiency, productivity and product quality in hours instead of weeks.

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7 ways to get more out of your leak test

Leak testing is challenging, but there are ways of making it better. Here are 7 ways the right leak tester can help improve the leak test process and its results.

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  1. Fill parts under test faster

    The time it takes to fill parts has a big impact on the ability to optimize cycle time. Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Test uses electronic regulators instead of mechanical ones for greater control, allowing you to apply full pressure from the supply before stepping it down to the specified pressure for testing. ½” diameter valves also enable faster fill time, helping mitigate leak station bottlenecks.

  2. Get to a stable pressure quickly — and stay there

    Pressure accuracy and stabilization significantly impact cycle time. The 3520 Series’ electronic regulators adjust pressure 800 times per second, enabling rapid pressure stabilization with a high degree of accuracy — down to 5 or 6 decimal places. And, unlike mechanical regulators, electronic regulation reduces noise while stabilizing pressure, which improves flow readings.

  3. Leverage data to set optimal test limits

    Determining the right test limits is a complex process with many factors. Often, manufacturers employ onerous trial and error techniques, but it can take weeks to narrow down to acceptable test limits for a given part. The 3520 Series provides digital waveforms and uses the industry’s most advanced signature analysis software, enabling you to set data-driven limits instead of subjective ones. You can improve accuracy right out of the gate, and optimize test limits much quicker while factoring in acceptable cycle times and product quality.

  4. Know when temperature is affecting results

    Temperature variance from manufacturing environments and parts storage areas, seasonal fluctuations or other environmental factors impact test results. The 3520 Series enables you to overlay waveform data throughout the day, as plants warm up or parts reach ambient temperatures, to see and understand how your results are being affected. With an intelligent system, you can characterize fluctuations and apply temperature compensation measures to optimize production quality, avoid passing bad parts or rejecting good ones due to false failures, and avoid potential warranty claims down the road.

  5. Optimize your stations to meet additional throughput

    We have seen many lines take on production from other plants or have yield targets increased to keep up with demand. Leak test becomes even more of a bottleneck concern. Some options in this case are to add costly new stations, more people, more everything. The first step though should be to see if the existing station can be optimized to get the job done. The Sciemetric 3520 Series has enabled manufacturers to avoid the purchase of new stations while meeting aggressive targets and without sacrificing quality. One customer was able to cut the number of test stations by half and bring them in-line.

  6. Pair test stations to compare results

    Wherever you have parallel leak testers, you may see variable results. If one station is failing more parts, there could be an issue with your test. Sciemetric software enables you to compare parallel leak stations to correlate data or compare results to analyse differences in the process signatures, allowing you to identify root cause quickly and remedy the situation.

  7. Make informed decisions with signature analysis

    When things get complicated and potentially costly decisions need to be made, you need to act with certainty. Most leak testers don’t give you sufficient data to work with, so it’s mostly guesswork. With the 3520 Series, you get comprehensive waveforms instead of just start/stop information or intermittent scalar data points, giving you a complete digital fingerprint of the part and the process. When backed by true data visibility and data-driven insight, you can make informed decisions with confidence.


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Is your leak test smart enough for Industry 4.0?

One of the fastest ways to make your leak test better is to analyze the data it generates. In this free e-Book, learn how comprehensive digital process signatures give you the insight you need to improve your leak test with better test limits, greater repeatability, reduced cycle times, full traceability, and more.

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