On many production lines, the use of machine vision images is for basic pass/fail determination...

A fast and easy way to overlay waveforms and more!

Introducing Sciemetric Studio LT

This low cost solution allows manufacturers to make the most from the part test station data collected by Sciemetric systems to quickly and easily optimize and maintain your test stations with no large investment in a database system. Download the datasheet for more detailed information >

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Easily downloadable Windows based desktop application where in-depth data analysis can be done right from your PC from trend reports to part history analysis all with very simple installation and a very intuitive interface. 

  • Overlay multiple waveforms (up to 1000) to visually see trends
  • Drill down into part’s history and compare Trend information across multiple stations
  • Easily set optimized test limits
  • No database required. Just download, install and start analyzing waveforms and part data in minutes
  • Fast and easy way to visually review part history data
  • Quickly make sense of test data to evaluate and optimize effectiveness of test stations