What is a process signature?

A signature is a visual representation of everything that happened during a manufacturing operation, providing detailed and accurate measurement.

In any controlled process -- for example press fitting, leak testing, welding, liquid dispensing -- the same things should happen in the same order and timing every single time. The signature tells you about the success of the process and the health of the product.

We often compare an electronic process signature to an electrocardiogram (ECG) which is used to measure the healthy function of the human heart. The ECG doesn’t measure the blood flow directly but measures a critical parameter, the electrical response of the heart, to determine whether the process of pumping blood is being done properly. ECGs appear similar to the untrained eye but to the specialist, specific features are extracted to find the problems. Signature analysis works similarly to eavesdrop and record a process and provide a complete picture and the data of what occurred while rapidly looking for all of the possible issues that represent a problem or bad part.