Torque testing finds the hidden problems

Torque-to-turn (TTT) verifies assemblies where the main function involves rotating parts, such as motors, engines or transmissions. It relies on breakaway torque, the amount of torque required to start a part’s rotation from a stationary position, and running torque, what it takes to keep the part rotating at a constant angular velocity. Using Sciemetric technology, these tests find the hidden problems inside the assemblies: lack of oil, defective bearings, and issues with gears, seals or pistons.

Sciemetric’s sigPOD provides an off-the-shelf torque tester using signature analysis to find critical issues as the test stage rather than further down the production line.

When it comes to fasteners, not many are directly monitored for information beyond having reached the appropriate torque (though they can be). However, the data from every operation can be collected and used to determine the effects of change on the line, should quality issues be encountered downstream. Does using a new supplier, new model types, a new operator affect part quality and reliability? Sciemetric’s QualityWorX features gateways to analyze data from Bosch, Atlas Copco and other fasteners so that you can know.