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Monitor and analyze trends to improve quality, reduce downtime

The amount of data produced in a modern manufacturing production environment can be overwhelming—but harnessing the insight it gives you is critical to realizing your Industry 4.0 objectives. Sciemetric Studio is a family of next-generation software designed to enable quick, in-depth analysis of production data from across your plant floor and enterprise. That includes visualizing digital process signatures, images from vision systems, and scalar data from test and monitoring systems. Within hours—not days or weeks—you’ll be resolving issues faster and proactively managing production.

Sciemetric Studio provides data-driven intelligence to optimize your test station performance:

  • Drill down into data to determine the cause of a part failure
  • View the complete data history for a part
  • Set optimized test limits on the station
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a test
  • Compare and trend information across stations to determine variations


This low-cost solution gives you a simple tool to review and compare complex part data for small groups of stations through a Windows-based desktop application, right from your PC. No database. No additional software. Just upload or drag and drop your test records using the intuitive, ribbon-based user interface.

Waveform overlay in Studio LT


Take all the capabilities of Studio LT and add these features for enriched analytics:

  • Create local projects or access any data in a QualityWorX database in real-time for enterprise-wide analysis
  • Integrate images and data from machine vision systems into your analysis
  • Create an Advanced Trend report that allows you to compare data for up to 10 features
  • Analyze up to 10,000 part records at the same time

Machine Vision images in Studio


"What-if” analysis lets you quickly develop or optimize test algorithms and limits and try them out on historical data before applying to live production, eliminating the need for time-consuming sequential trials. You can also compare parallel stations to determine the reasons for differences in performance. 

What-if screen


Tree diagram
Sciemetric Studio reporting and analysis tools, organized and viewable on a part-by-part basis by serial number


Access to organized, meaningful insights across your enterprise

Using Sciemetric Studio, the QualityWorX Database allows you to view and access organized and serializes your data according to your production line, for quicker and more accurate defect detection and problem resolution. 

Sciemetric Studio offers manufacturers a faster path from analysis to answer. Easily drill down deeper to establish root cause in the event of a failed part or warranty claim, using the Sciemetric Studio reporting and analysis tools, organized and viewable on a part-by-part basis by serial number. 


Turn manufacturing data into meaningful insights

Many manufacturing data collection systems leave a gap between manufacturing data collection and action on the line. Sciemetric helps you bridge that gap by providing all the key elements necessary for data-driven decision making. Draw better insights from your data with a data management software suite that addresses critical aspects of smart manufacturing: Collect & Store, Analyze & Report, and Act & Improve.



Data Management infographic


E-book cover


Use your part data to inform decision-making on the line

Once you've collected data, what's next? How can you analyze and apply the information collected from your smart factory to take action before problems occur down the line? Our e-book discusses how to use digital process signatures collected and stored from across your plant or enterprise to quickly identify root cause, increase throughput (without affecting quality), improve station performance and more.


Discover how we’ve helped other manufacturers harness their data

Unlocking data to overcome production downtime

An international agricultural machinery manufacturer faced an overwhelming amount of production data and no means of making it useful. See how QualityWorX helped them retrieve and analyze information from the line to quickly trace root cause when quality issues halted production.


OEM overhauls quality with production data

For one leading automotive OEM, a reliance on end-of-line testing meant that they weren’t fully realizing the data-driven potential of a connected Industry 4.0 environment. Expanding their in-process test practices and making better use of the data they generated helped one of the world's leading automakers gain enviable quality improvements worldwide.


Make more efficient use of data on your line

Our Ask The Experts video series gives quick, tangible answers to the questions our customers ask us every day.

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