Thank you for your time. The instructions below walk you through the steps required to setup and join a TeamViewer meeting with Sciemetric.

Step 1:

In order to join an online meeting with Sciemetric, click the button below and follow the prompts.

Step 2: 

Next, look for and click on "Run" to start up the TeamViewer 8 session link.

Step 3:

It may take a few moments for Team Viewer to start up. Shortly, the "Join Meeting" page will appear. You then follow the below steps:

  1. Connect on the phone conference number that you’ve been provided, separately (if applicable)
  2. Then, in the “Join Meeting” window, enter the Meeting ID number provided by Sciemetric
  3. Next, enter your name and click "Join". This will prompt the session to open on your screen


If you continue to experience any problems during setup, you may contact