在现代制造业生产环境中,势必会生成巨大的数据量,但利用其带来的洞察力则是实现工业 4.0 目标的关键。Sciemetric 工作室是下一代软件系列之一,旨在快速、深入地分析整个工厂车间和企业的生产数据。包括可视化数字流程信号、视觉系统提供的图像,以及测试与监控系统提供的标量数据。仅需几小时,即可助您更快解决问题,并主动管理生产,而无需数日或数周。

This low-cost solution gives you a simple tool to review and compare complex part data for small groups of stations through a Windows-based desktop application, right from your PC. No database. No additional software. Just upload or drag and drop your test records using the intuitive, ribbon-based user interface.

Waveform overlay in Studio LT


Take all the capabilities of Studio LT and add these features for enriched analytics:

  • Create local projects or access any data in a QualityWorX database in real-time for enterprise-wide analysis
  • Integrate images and data from machine vision systems into your analysis
  • Create an Advanced Trend report that allows you to compare data for up to 10 features
  • Analyze up to 10,000 part records at the same time

Machine Vision images in Studio


"What-if” analysis lets you quickly develop or optimize test algorithms and limits and try them out on historical data before applying to live production, eliminating the need for time-consuming sequential trials. You can also compare parallel stations to determine the reasons for differences in performance. 

What-if screen



Sciemetric Studio wordmark

工业 4.0 环境中的制造数据分析

Sciemetric 工作室提供数据驱动智能,可优化测试工作站绩效

  • 钻取数据以确定零件不合格的原因
  • 查看零件完整的数据历史
  • 在工作站上设置优化的测试界限
  • 评估测试的有效性
  • 跨工作站比较信息并了解其趋势以确定变化

Sciemetric Studio 数据表 


随着工业环境中连接系统数量增加,制造商愈发意识到在快速解决问题和主动管理生产方面数据和制造指标的价值。Sciemetric 数据智能软件套件是工业 4.0 的解决方案之一,制造商希望通过它来激发生产数据的潜力,从而改进整个流水线和企业。


Stylized data