Chasing your defects upstream: How to use production data to identify the source (and fix it)

11:00AM - 12:00PM EDT


Rob Plumridge


Defective assemblies found at the end of the line or in the field require fast action. How do you find the source? How do you trace the affected parts? How do you fix it so the defects to not happen again? 

Using examples of warranty return defects and QualityWorX data management and analytics software, Sciemetric’s Rob Plumridge will demonstrate how to use production data to quickly close the loop to find and fix the source of defects.


  • Learn how to visually identify the unknown defects using digital process signatures
  • Check out how the defects can be traced to specific processes and stations
  • Get an overview on how to apply the defect data to pinpoint affected parts
  • See how to develop a test to detect the problem at the stations and avoid the defect in the future

Join us for this webinar to see how you can use production data to minimize the cost and impact of a production recall.