This isn't SPC

SPC tools can identify whether a process is running properly or is out of control, but won't tell you why. QualityWorX does both.

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Watch Video

See how the new QualityWorX dashboard web-based application can help you quickly extract actionable information from your manufacturing data in minutes. View this short video for a quick overview.

On many production lines, the use of machine vision images is for basic pass/fail determination...

Reports are just a few clicks away

Creating reports on line quality and yield can be a manual process that takes days and innumerable spreadsheets to complete. QualityWorX drastically reduces the time it takes: it brings together all the records needed – whether it’s an individual part or a month’s worth of parts – and with a few mouse clicks generates the reports you need.

Deeper than simple reporting of facts, QualityWorX lets you drill down to find the problems. The Engineering Workstation Analyst is an advanced data analysis application that analyzes process signatures and generates trends and histograms and enables you to visualize the production data in detail to identify the root causes of issues.

The Web reporting tools deliver real-time information to you from anywhere with access to your corporate network. The Web Reporter provides a set of standard reports, such as first time yield, failure Paretos, trends, part history and more. (See the datasheet for details.) The optional Dashboard provides a quick visual, high level summary of key production metrics.

QualityWorX gives you the reporting tools to prove specifications compliance to management, customers and regulators as well as what you need to proactively manage production.