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Process monitoring, part test systems, and machines on your line generate all types of production data, including assembly, test, and repair operations. Sciemetric allows you to gather this part production data from each stage of the manufacturing process in a single database for insights on part quality and areas for improvement across every line in your enterprise.

Using our real-time SPC and analytics software, this data can then be organized and viewable on a part-by-part basis by serial number for faster root cause analysis and issue resolution—and traceability you can trust.

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Simplify management of data
  • Standardize organization of data
  • Have a single interface to the data


Types of data you can collect



Collect all the data for a complete view of production

QualityWorX allows you to collect data from across your production line, including digital process signatures, scalar datapoints, and machine vision images, so no process or test goes unexamined. Data is stored by serial number and organized in a tree structure that mimics the line. You have a full replay of each process in the plant, at your fingertips.


Connectors & Gateways 

Working with partners, Sciemetric has developed a set of connectors and gateways to ensure that QualityWorX reveals a comprehensive view of your production line.

Collect all types of manufacturing data, consolidate in QualityWorX to access more meaningful insights

Modern manufacturing generates many data types. QualityWorX can handle them all:

  • Full process signatures and all their associated data, unique to QualityWorX
  • Machine vision images and data
  • Pass/Fail status
  • Scalar feature values and specification limits
  • User-defined, part-specific process parameters
  • Defect & repair data
  • Manufacturing line configuration

​​​​​​Gather data from most test systems, PLCs, tool controllers and databases

QualityWorX can connect to many types of shop floor machines and systems to bring in data from across the factory. The gateway's powerful parsing engine can ingest .txt, .csv, .ini, .xml, .JSON, .HTML, and binary files (ie. tag).

Our list of other, specialized connectors is also wide and growing.

  • Popular PLCs
  • In-process test systems
  • Rundown tools
  • End of Line test systems
  • Data acquisition systems
  • MES or ERP
  • Third-party or custom databases


Tree diagram
Sciemetric Studio reporting and analysis tools, organized and viewable on a part-by-part basis by serial number


Centralized access to your data from QualityWorX Database

Reporting and analysis tools access the QualityWorX Database across local and wide area networks, providing critical insight into the manufacturing processes and production line performance for everyone who needs to use the data for reliable decision-making.

Using Sciemetric Studio, the QualityWorX Database allows you to view and access organized and serializes your data according to your production line, for quicker and more accurate defect detection and problem resolution. 


Turn manufacturing data into meaningful insights

Many manufacturing data collection systems leave a gap between manufacturing data collection and action on the line. Sciemetric helps you bridge that gap by providing all the key elements necessary for data-driven decision making. Draw better insights from your data with a data management software suite that addresses critical aspects of smart manufacturing: Collect & Store, Analyze & Report, and Act & Improve.


Data Management infographic


E-book cover


Use your part data to inform decision-making on the line

As the number of connected systems in an industrial environment increases, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of data and manufacturing metrics to quickly resolve issues and proactively manage production. 

This e-book discusses how to effectively analyze data and apply the information collected from your smart factory to take action before problems occur down the line—quickly identify root cause, increase throughput (without affecting quality), improve station performance and more.


Discover how we’ve helped other manufacturers harness their data

Unlocking data to overcome production downtime

An international agricultural machinery manufacturer faced an overwhelming amount of production data and no means of making it useful. See how QualityWorX helped them retrieve and analyze information from the line to quickly trace root cause when quality issues halted production.


OEM overhauls quality with production data

For one leading automotive OEM, a reliance on end-of-line testing meant that they weren’t fully realizing the data-driven potential of a connected Industry 4.0 environment. Expanding their in-process test practices and making better use of the data they generated helped one of the world's leading automakers gain enviable quality improvements worldwide.


Make more efficient use of data on your line

Our Ask The Experts video series gives quick, tangible answers to the questions our customers ask us every day.

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How can I use production data to minimize the cost and impact of a production recall?


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