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Leak Test

New Technologies Impress at the Assembly Show

  • Article in Assembly Magazine
December 7, 2019

The ASSEMBLY Show 2018 announces the inaugural Product of the Year winner, QualityWorX DataHub from Cincinnati Test Systems and Sciemetric. The DataHub is a simple, cost-effective tool for analyzing leak test data and performing test-to-test comparisons. The product aggregates data from multiple leak test instruments into an analytics database for real-time usage. Learn more in this article.

The noise in the background: Ensuring accuracy with helium leak testing

  • Article in Quality Magazine
October 1, 2018

There are some instances where an acceptable leak rate is so small as to be practically zero. Few air leak test methods, such as pressure decay, have the necessary detection range. These situations call for a trace gas-based test method. Learn more in this article in Quality Magazine, written by Cincinnati Test Systems' Systems Engineer, Peter Bonyhati.

How not to fear the Gage R of your leak test

  • Article in Quality Magazine
October 1, 2017

In this feature with Quality Magazine, Rob Plumridge, Sciemetric leak application engineer, discusses how to tackle the first “R” of Gage R&R for leak testing – repeatability. By focusing on repeatability first (before the other “R” – reproducibility), manufacturers can be certain they have addressed all the controllable variables that can impact the leak test, regardless of the equipment.

3675 Turnkey Leak Test Station

  • Article in Design Engineering
March 13, 2017

The editors of Design Engineering profile Sciemetric’s Model 3675, a turnkey station to boost the speed and accuracy of leak testing. The 3675 can combine up to three of Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Test units in one stand, controlled by a single sigPOD controller.

Effective Leak Testing: Are you testing the part or the seal?

  • Article on
February 2, 2017

A poor seal between the part to be tested and the leak test station can skew test results, allowing faulty parts to pass and perfectly good ones to be failed. In this feature published by, Sciemetric leak test specialist Robert Plumridge explores how quality engineers can address the common issues with achieving a consistently reliable seal to ensure a reliable test.

A new look at leak testing

  • Article in Smart Industry
December 29, 2016

Sciemetric CEO Nathan Sheaff talks to the editors of Smart Industry about how digital transformation and big data analysis have converged to create a new generation of intelligent leak test systems that provide manufacturers with the reliability and the repeatability to achieve a higher standard of production quality.

Smart Leak Tester Grades on Curve

  • Article in New Equipment Digest
November 25, 2016

Richard Brine, Sciemetric’s CTO, talks to the editors of New Equipment Digest about the 3520 Series Leak Test and how its use of smart sensors, precision electronics and digital process signature analysis delivers a new level of repeatability and reliability to the often frustrating process of leak testing.

Temperature Effects on Reported Leak Rate

  • Article in Quality Magazine
November 1, 2016

Sciemetric product launch manager Robert Ouellette shares with Quality Magazine how quality engineers can measure and compensate for the sometimes dramatic effects of temperature variations on the accuracy and repeatability of a leak test.