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To enable cost savings and production efficiency, the emphasis must be on making products right the first time. This makes the first time yield (FTY) metric (which can also be referred to as first pass yield (FPY) or first time through (FTT), etc.), important for your line.

Sciemetric has helped countless manufacturers across the globe improve their first time yield and overall production performance with the implementation of process monitoring and strategic data management and analysis. Whether it’s just one station, a segment of a line, or a whole assembly line causing you problems, Sciemetric’s solutions can be applied to achieve many benefits, including:

  • cut repair and rework costs
  • reduce bottlenecks on the line
  • boost overall production efficiency
  • deliver quality products


Improve first time yield with Sciemetric 

Sciemetric employs process monitoring and data intelligence to enable manufacturers to improve their production efficiency and first time yield. Our approach is to store and analyze the right data from your part production processes that will give you meaningful insight into the stages of production causing problems and the analysis tools to improve them. 

BPT Engine Image
Examples of test stations across the engine manufacturing line. Click here to view the full size blueprint.

Sciemetric process monitoring solutions can be applied to virtually any pass/fail test or process on a discrete manufacturing line. Manufacturers use our product integrity testing tools to monitor and analyze a range of production processes for potential problems causing product quality issues further down the line or in the field, including crimp, dispense, leak test, press-fit, gauge and profile, sound and vibration (NVH), torque, end-of-line tests, and more.

Learn more about Sciemetric’s approach, below.  

Collect & Store

Process data can be collected during critical-to-quality processes on the line using our process monitoring devices, the sigPOD and the Sciemetric EDGE. These devices are modular and can be integrated into your line without rip-and-replace. 

The data collected by these devices is then stored by serial number in the centralized QualityWorX database, for easy accessibility and retrieval of process data for investigation in the event of a product quality issue. 

Analyze & Improve

This data is also made available for analysis using our QualityWorX data analytics tools, including the QualityWorX Dashboard for immediate insights and Sciemetric Studio for deeper analysis. These tools allow you to visualize and trend part production data from across your line, employing Sciemetric’s digital process signatures, and images from vision systems and the associated scalar data

Using this data, you can trend and compare your manufacturing processes to identify problem areas that are impacting your first time yield and overall production efficiency—as well as how to fix them and prevent them from happening again.   


Case Studies 

Sciemetric has decades of experience helping leading manufacturers improve their first time yield and overall production efficiency. Below are a few examples of the specific results our solutions achieved for these manufacturers. 

Automotive engine manufacturer improves FTY by over 18%

A leading automotive engine manufacturer came to us with a problem—they were having inconsistent quality issues with their engines. They wanted to improve product quality and increase their yield.  

Sciemetric implemented a full process monitoring and data analysis solution on their line to systematically integrate quality directly into the manufacturing process at strategic, critical-to-quality points along the production line. 

Through the collection of the right process data, and strategic use of data analysis, the manufacturer has improved their FTY by over 18% since implementation. They also implemented this solution on their engine lines across the globe for consistent quality worldwide.

The manufacturer reports that millions of dollars have been saved in addressing upstream quality issues and recalls.  

Read the full case study

Manufacturer Saves Millions through Improved Assembly 

Catching and addressing defects at their source on the production line and continuous improvement of in-process tests has provided significant ROI and warranty reductions for one industrial manufacturer. The approach includes the consistent application of the same tests and standards across lines producing the same assemblies. Using Sciemetric in-process test to improve testing and manufacturing analytics to learn how to address the causes of defects, the customer has eliminated long-standing quality issues and has projected savings of $80M per year in warranty and repair costs.

Increasing FTT at Leak Test

One of the world’s largest automotive OEM’s transmission assembly line was experiencing a bottleneck at its end-of-line leak test stations. Test cycle time had to speed up to meet production targets – but just as important, the First Time Through (FTT) rates at these stations were well below acceptable percentages. The addition of Sciemetric’s industrial data management solution provided real-time data and detailed visibility into the leak tests, which enabled manufacturer to see the process changes necessary to address these issues. The result: cycle time was reduced by 14 seconds and FTT increased by 11.5%. Click here to read the case study.

The importance of first time yield 

While most manufacturers will report on their yield, performance can become substantially skewed by inefficient re-work or re-testing rates going unnoticed. To truly improve your manufacturing efficiency, first time yield offers a more in-depth view of production performance. Learn more about how monitoring first time yield could improve your line with the resources below.

Overall Yield vs. First Time Yield: Which Offers the Greatest Return?

Manufacturers must decide whether they should the focus on overall yield/output, or on first time yield. The answer depends on how high of a rework rate is hidden in a manufacturer’s overall yield figure, and how much the rework adds to the average production cost per unit. Read the following blog post to learn how to apply this formula on your line and find the most efficient metric for you.


ROI of Improving First Time Yield

Reporting on yield on its own can be deceiving if parts often have to be re-worked or re-tested. The simplest way to demonstrate the importance of FTY is by exploring a quick example that illustrates how even small improvements in first time yield can produce very large savings in your product costs. Read our whitepaper, “The ROI of Improving First Time Yield” to learn more.


Make small changes for a BIG impact on yield

Sciemetric has decades of experience helping manufacturers across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, off-highway, and medical, improve first time yield in their factories. Whether it’s one troublesome station on your line, or a problematic assembly that spans across your line, applying process monitoring and data analysis tools can lead to substantial improvements in efficiency and huge savings on your bottom line.

Contact us to talk to one of our application experts about improving yield.