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Today’s globalized marketplace is putting more pressure on manufacturers than ever before to cut product costs by making it right, the first time. This can become increasingly difficult, especially with manufacturing lines moving faster and producing more products in a shorter period.

Overall production yield is a common metric, but it can be deceiving if parts are reworked or retested. A yield of 98% may sound great, but if 90% of those parts required some amount of re-work the manufacturer may still be operating at a loss.

That’s why the emphasis must be on improving first time yield (FTY), also known as first pass yield (FPY) or first time through (FTT). Pinpointing issues where and when they occur in the manufacturing process helps you eliminate rework, resulting in increased FTY and lower product costs.

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Better first time yield starts and ends with data

Consider these questions:

  • How much does each percentage point off FTY cost my operation each year?

  • How much could I save if I could proactively monitor station performance and identify bottlenecks before they become critical?

It’s impossible to improve or maintain something that isn’t quantified. Collecting and analyzing the relevant datasets generated by each cycle of a process or test is the first step in improving your manufacturing yield.

Sciemetric employs modern data analytics and visualization tools to capture and organize this data into a serialized birth history record for each part. Here it is analyzed to quickly determine the “how” and “why” of decreases in FTY/FPY/FTT. This applies to any controlled process on the line – from press fitting, to leak test, rundown, welding and liquid/sealant dispensing. 

Let’s talk about how to put your manufacturing data to work to improve first time yield. 


Sciemetric has the expertise to improve FTT production 


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Sciemetric has proven itself through decades of work with leading OEMs in industries like automotive, off-highway, medical and consumer electronics. Our tools help you pinpoint defects in real time and improve production time on manufacturing lines for better ROI.

With Sciemetric, your team can:

  • Easily distinguish a part failure from a test malfunction
  • Spot anomalies that require further investigation
  • Pinpoint where problems occur during any production process
  • Even optimize a test station by understanding how test cycles can be shortened

Read our white paper, The ROI of Improving First Time Yield.


Off-highway OEM boosts first time yield (FTY)

The OEM used Sciemetric’s QualityWorX suite of data management and manufacturing analytics software to overlay and analyze waveforms from a fuel flow consumption hot test. This identified instability in the readings from a third-party data acquisition system. Based on this finding, technicians were able to make adjustments to compensate for this instability. The result was a 5% increase in first time yield and a significant reduction in per engine costs.