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Cincinnati Test Solutions is an industry leader in the field of standard and custom test solutions, and has built a reputation as such over the course of 30-plus years. We serve the HVAC, Transportation, Appliance and Industrial industries by offering a comprehensive line of state-of-the-art Tracer Gas Test systems. Our products can be used for a broad spectrum of test configurations for many different products.


  • Pressure decay, ΔP 
  • Sniff leak test location for up to 20 independent points 
  • Evacuation and tracer gas fill 
  • Step proof test with 1 to 10 steps in sequence
  • Capillary back pressure test 
  • Tracer gas reclaim capable 
  • Part evacuation and N2 back fill 
  • High vacuum pump out/ refrigerant fill
  • Purging clamshell to control environment around a joint or part 
  • Accumulation 
  • Hard vacuum: pre-charged test 
  • Hard vacuum: with chamber control 
  • Vacuum 100 psig
  • Vacuum to 200.0 psig
  • Vacuum to 400.0 psig
  • Vacuum to 750.0 psig
  • Vacuum to 1000.0 psig
  • Transducer accuracy 0.05% full scale (all ranges)
  • Many custom ranges available from 10 to 250,000 sccm thermal and differential pressure flow based
  • Transducer accuracy 0.5% full scale (all ranges)
  • Pressure or Flow transducers can easily be performed by user by utilizing available NIST traceable digital pressure gauges and flow standards
    • 6-point standard pressure calibration
    • 5-point standard flow calibration
  • Up to 32 point calibration of either transducer type available (menu selectable)
  • 100 % Tracer Gas
  • 75% Tracer / 25% N2 or Shop Air
  • 50% Tracer / 50% N2 or Shop Air
  • 25% Tracer / 75% N2 or Shop Air
  • Custom Mix %  


  • Supplied 24VDC isolated internal power supplely exclusively for I/O use (2.5A fused)
  • 6 - 24VDC digital inputs (sinking)
  • 6 - 24VDC digital outputs (sourcing)
  • 8 – 24VDC Valve Drivers
  • Tooling control for up to 5 motions with feedback
  • 2-Way Telnet communication
  • Test result data transmission with selectable fields
  • Pressure streaming (20 samples/sec)
  • Report transmission
  • Email of reports, test data and alerts (TCP/IP only)
  • Barcode unique part identification (RS232 only)
  • Leak Detector Communications Profile - For most Tracer Gas Leak Detection Devices
  • Backup/Restore
  • Cloning
  • Report storage
  • Test result data storage & result synchronization (appends data when synchronized USB drive inserted)  


CTS has designed the TracerMate II with capabilities that offer more value-added features than any other evacuation/charge units on the market.

  • Leak Location: Sniff Leak Testing is the basic type of tracer gas leak detection method to identify a leak location
  • CS evacuation, charge, and fill instrumentation
  • CS instrumentation that communicates with Tracer Gas Detection Devices
  • Standard and custom gas reclaim or recovery systems
  • Standard gas mixer systems
  • Tracer gas leak standards
  • Standard and custom pneumatic and manual seal connectors
  • Patented Nitrogen Purge clamshell technology for repeatable tracer gas measurement

Our models are available at 700 psig and at customized higher pressures. Additionally our instrumentation works with many Tracer Gas Detection devices using various tracer gases like:

Helium – He, Hydrogen – H2, Carbon Dioxide – C02, and different percentages of mixtures with Nitrogen.

CTS serves HVAC industries around the world. Wherever you are, CTS products can help you ensure that your HVAC systems adhere to environmental standards.

CTS can meet your specialized needs.

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