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At Sciemetric, we are the leaders in In-Process Test, but over 35 years in business, that’s come to mean much more than just the test systems that we provide.

Test systems generate data—more and more of it every day—which is often trapped in silos along the production line. Collecting and correlating that data is a huge challenge for manufacturers. How do you even know you have the right data?

It all starts with a digital process signature—a waveform made up of data points that represent every test and every process that a single part went through in production. That waveform, when overlaid with waveforms for other parts or other features, reveals quickly and clearly where problems occurred.

Sciemetric is the only company with solutions to harvest and analyze thousands of signatures at once and to enable you to visualize the data easily. That means faster determination of root cause, quicker resolution, and less impact on productivity and quality.

When you collect digital process signatures and other data from across your production line or even the entire enterprise, consolidate it in a central location, then analyze and report on it, you have achieved the potential of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). You have a smart factory. You have levered a connected environment in which data is an indispensable tool for improvement instead of a mystery locked in spreadsheets and discrete systems.



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