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Sciemetric revolutionized in-process testing and process monitoring for powertrain manufacturing in the early 1990s using digital process signatures, and it remains a core competency in our manufacturing solutions. We offer a solution to test and monitor virtually any process on your production line, allowing you to catch problems at the source rather than downstream when you are faced with a warranty claim—or worse, a product recall.

Even OEMs with industry-leading quality rates struggle with ways to do reporting, optimize operations for increased throughput or track down the root cause of issues affecting their yield due to a lack of proper data and/or the ability to use it. We enable complete traceability for every aspect of the automotive manufacturing process and real-time reporting on production yields through online reports and dashboards.

Process Monitoring for Powertrain Manufacturing

Our powertrain automotive solutions are about more than testing; they are about improving the efficiency of the production line. These tools help automotive OEMs be proactive and optimize manufacturing processes to drive first time through rates to 100%.

Sciemetric’s tools help you standardize in-process testing for powertrain manufacturing. Using common hardware and software throughout your production line lessens the learning curve and saves you money in setting up and applying a new system. Real-time manufacturing defect detection provides visualization for each step of the production cycle for a comprehensive analysis of different data points.

Engine Manufacturing


Sciemetric has decades of experience in ensuring quality and traceability in engine manufacturing. We offer solutions for a variety of critical tests on the automotive engine production line, including crank torque, cavity leak test, long block verification, cold test, and more.

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Transmission Manufacturing


Sciemetric is dedicated to ensuring only quality transmissions leave your production line. Our powertrain automotive solutions include testing and monitoring for automatic and manual transmissions, including gear quality verification, press-fit monitoring, torque to turn, leak testing, end of line verification, and more.

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Axle Manufacturing


The axle manufacturing line can include up to 20 potential points to monitor and quality check the product, and Sciemetric offers monitoring and data solutions to help you monitor each station. We offer powertrain manufacturing solutions for monitoring press-fit, leak test, torque checks, and more.

solutions for axle manufacturing