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The promise of Industry 4.0 is the connected factory in which data collected from tests and processes around the plant (or even across plants worldwide) is accessible, organized, stored and archived. It’s about data democratization: giving anyone who needs it the ability to visualize and analyze every step of every process that a part went through in production. Problems are solved when they occur, not at end of line. Root cause identification and process optimization happen in hours—not days or weeks. Sciemetric is your partner to realize the potential of Industry 4.0 and the connected plant.

Data collection, analytics and reporting for Industry 4.0

Our Data Intelligence product set includes all the key elements necessary for data-driven decision-making. And when your decisions are based on data instead of guesswork or trial and error, you know you can trust them.


Data helps OEM overhaul quality on a global scale

When you don’t collect all the data from your manufacturing line, you can’t pinpoint problems at the source before they become bigger issues down the line. Learn how one leading automotive manufacturer turned quality around with an in-process testing strategy and real-time data analysis.



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Learn how to make your data work for you

At Sciemetric, we’ve been providing Industry 4.0 solutions since before it became a manufacturing buzzword. Hear what our experts have to say about the difference data makes in solving the problem of the hour on the production line.

Number 1

How can I use production data to minimize the cost and impact of a production recall?


Number 2

What are the key considerations for a data collection strategy in the connected factory?



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Make your plant smarter with Sciemetric

You have data—terabytes of it—and we can help you collect, store, analyze and report on it so you can improve quality, speed time-to-market, avoid recalls, provide traceability, and more.

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