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Industry 4.0 is about better making better decisions, faster, through insight driven by data. Critical quality assurance processes on the line can’t rely on guesswork or trial and error.

Test is no exception. The modern manufacturing line demands an intelligent test to achieve the needed gains in productivity, efficiency, and quality.

This doesn’t require a costly rip and replace of existing technology. Sciemetric’s systems can be deployed quickly and economically, for a rapid return on investment. They are universal and agnostic, capable of working with other third-party systems.


Using manufacturing data to increase production efficiency 

Do you have the crucial insight you need in production real-time – within one cycle of test cycle completion?

Key to a smarter test is a smarter device—enter the dynamic duo of sigPOD and QualityWorX.

Our sigPOD universal part test and process monitoring systems capture and report on each test cycle in production real-time. This delivers the most accurate defect detection and the insight to help you optimize every test station.

Our QualityWorX suite of data management and manufacturing analytics software then stores and organizes all this data for additional analysis to reduce the time for problem resolution. Managers and executives have constant insight into what’s happening on the line and where the key issues exist.

Optimize and improve manufacturing test stations with Sciemetric

Sciemetric has the digital process monitoring and data analysis capabilities your team needs to optimize production line testing.

We help you achieve the efficiencies that ensure every test is an in-process test:

  • Reduce false failures
  • Catch defects in production real-time
  • Boost first-time yield without the added expense of running parallel test stations.

Remove the guesswork and restore confidence in your production line tests.

Learn more about the role of digital signature analysis.


Success stories

Sciemetric helps manufacturer reduce cycle time from 5 minutes to less than 2

A manufacturer of industrial air conditioning units had to meet a specific EPA-mandated leak rate. It struggled to achieve the repeatability and accuracy required in the leak test within the available cycle time. Four different models of leak test were being evaluated at the station. The best of the lot required a five-minute test cycle to achieve the target Gage R&R of 10%. But only two minutes – 120 seconds – was allocated to keep pace with production.

With Sciemetric, the cycle time was cut from five minutes to 115 seconds. Gage R&R was reduced to 2%.

Sciemetric helps manufacturer achieve cost savings of $617,000/year

With Sciemetric, a manufacturer of small engines reduced the number of stations for its carburetor leak test stations from seven to four. The cost of this investment amounted to $200,000, but the annual savings added up to $617,000. That yielded a return on the investment in four months.