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Data-driven insights for connected industrial environments

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The foundation of our industrial analytics solution is QualityWorX, a software suite that addresses four critical elements for smart manufacturing: Collect and Store, Analyze and Report, Act, and Improve.

Sciemetric's industrial data management solutions enable data collection from critical-to-quality processes throughout your line, and make data accessible in one location across your enterprise. 

Data is then made available for meaningful analysis and reporting using Sciemetric Studio, a visualized data solution that allows you to identify and solve problems occurring on the line in real-time, and use data to enable continued improvement of your processes for better quality and efficiency.



Turn manufacturing data into manufacturing intelligence

Manufacturers make substantial investments in data and Industry 4.0 infrastructure of their production lines. But many of these systems still leave a gap between manufacturing data collection and action. That’s where Sciemetric makes a difference.

Our manufacturing data intelligence solutions help you bridge that gap. Using our data management and analytics software suite, you can collect the critical data from your part production processes and analyze this data to make improvements to part quality and overall production on your line, including: 

  • go beyond pass/fail decision-making; easily make comparisons and set better limits using process data
  • solve problems faster; identify the problem and the solution for continuous improvement 
  • optimize station performance (speed, part quality)

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From information overload to data-driven decisions

You’ve got data – maybe lots of it – but what next? How can you visualize, analyze and apply the information collected from your smart factory to take action when and where you need to, before problems proliferate down the line? Read our new e-book to find out how you can use digital process signatures collected and stored from across your plant or enterprise to quickly identify root cause, increase throughput (without affecting quality), improve station performance and more.


Discover how we’ve helped other manufacturers harness their data

Unlocking data to overcome production downtime

An international agricultural machinery manufacturer faced an overwhelming amount of production data and no means of making it useful. See how QualityWorX helped them retrieve and analyze information from the line to quickly trace root cause when quality issues halted production.


OEM overhauls quality with production data

For one leading automotive OEM, a reliance on end-of-line testing meant that they weren’t fully realizing the data-driven potential of a connected Industry 4.0 environment. Expanding their in-process test practices and making better use of the data they generated helped one of the world's leading automakers gain enviable quality improvements worldwide.


"Ask The Experts" Sciemetric video series

At Sciemetric, we’ve spent more than 35 years developing and delivering innovative solutions for the problems that plague manufacturing production lines. Slow cycle times, unreliable test results, poor traceability, uncertainty in test limits, high warranty and recall costs and more—these are the challenges we thrive on. Our Ask The Experts video series gives quick, straightforward answers to the questions our customers ask us every day.