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Sciemetric’s approach to transmission testing for the automotive powertrain relies on in-process test and monitoring. In-process testing enables you to monitor the quality of a part or component as it is being manufactured—when the time and cost required to mediate a faulty process is the lowest. The result is better quality and higher yields and, more importantly, fewer defective transmissions.

Sciemetric has solutions for the automatic and manual transmission manufacturing line from key test applications, assembly line, sub assembly, and end-of-line tests. We help you monitor critical tests, including:

  • Gear quality verification
  • Press operations on bushings, bearings, upper and lower bearings, cup plugs
  • Output shaft torque to turn
  • Torque and vibration test for gear mesh
  • Leak testing
  • End of line verification, including noise and vibration (NVH) checks

Process monitoring on your transmission manufacturing line

Sciemetric’s sigPOD is configurable to monitor virtually any test on your transmission manufacturing line to ensure product quality and catch defects before the even reach the end of the line—all in one common solution across your plant.

Process data from each station on the axle manufacturing line, including leak testing, torque checks, liquid gasket verification and more, is captured using the sigPOD and made available using our PSV (process signature verification) software or data intelligence tools for more detailed analysis and reporting. 



Data intelligence on the production line

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Sciemetric’s QualityWorX data intelligence software provides data collection and analysis across every production line in your enterprise. These tools enable complete traceability throughout the automotive manufacturing process, and the tools to create reports that show that your parts meet quality standards—down to the components within the final assembly.

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Manage machine vision images and data from the transmission line


Machine vision cameras are often implemented on the transmission line to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of certain applications, like monitoring the application of liquid gasket sealant and snap ring insertion, among other applications.

However, while many manufacturers are capturing these images, few are able to effectively use the images and data from these processes. Many manufacturers struggle to effectively manage, organize and provide democratized access to the information due to the large amount of images and data generated by these systems.


QualityWorX Vision dashboard
Store, retrieve and analyze machine vision images and data with QualityWorX Vision

Sciemetric’s QualityWorX Vision solution allows you to store, retrieve and analyze images and data from vision inspection systems in a centralized location, across the entire enterprise, enabling you to put your machine vision images and data to work.


Accurate NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) testing for the transmission

Many manufacturers experience issues with inconsistent transmission quality causing unwanted noise and vibration from the transmission, a common customer complaint. Sciemetric’s proven NVH test has been seamlessly integrated into manufacturers’ existing EOL test to detect issues such as valve noise, missing bearings, timing problems, gear, and loose rubbing parts. In addition, our solution allows you to store all data from your processes in a central location for complete traceability.

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Turnkey solutions for transfer case shift actuator testing

Electronically operated transfer cases are difficult to test post-installation as it is unreliable and expensive, especially when defects are found. Sciemetric offers turnkey solutions for several test scenarios using signature analysis to detect and pinpoint defects in the transfer case (poor gear mesh, motor winding defects, and defective actuator), while accurately determining root-cause(s).

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Consultation & Support Services

At Sciemetric, our relationship with our customers doesn’t end when the product ships. We are dedicated to making sure our customers know their way around their new equipment and software and are seeing results on their line.

With decades of expertise in data management and analytics, leak test, in-process test and more, our global team of application, integration, installation and support specialists will walk your line and provide unique options to help you optimize your equipment and process. We offer a variety of services to make sure your team is equipped with the skills and tools you need to meet your goals.

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