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Catch fluid dispense production issues in real time

Measuring the appropriate dispensing of sealants, coatings and adhesives can be a challenge. Typical problems are air bubbles resulting in voids, incorrect tip size, wrong media or partial hardening due to issues such as incorrect pressure, exposure, clogged nozzles or tooling alignment. Often defects due to dispensing are not detected until much later in the assembly process, slowing production and increasing the likelihood of scrapped lots. When these defects go undetected, it can result in issues such as leaks, non-secure parts and components, and unwanted noise and vibration.

These and other product quality concerns might result in warranty claims and/or product recalls, both of which are costly and bad for your brand. Using Sciemetric systems, you can monitor the tip back pressure of the dispensing process to ensure that it meets the accepted parameters. Using Sciemetric’s digital process signature technology, manufacturers are able to identify low pressure, high pressure and dispense time issues as they occur, as opposed to at the end of the line when you face higher repair and scrap costs.


Visualize the dispensing process with digital process signature technology

Digital process signatures are created from the hundreds of data points used to measure the success of a process. They also provide a method to visualize continuous data from the whole dispense operation, more than just a snapshot, to make it easier to drill down into issues. For fluid dispense operations, waveforms or traces collected include bead location by region, bead width by region, as well as histogram and time-based min/max/avg in a region.

Sciemetric offers two solutions for monitoring and analysis of your dispensing operations: sigPOD and Sciemetric EDGE. Each solution applies the power and insight of Sciemetric digital process signature technology, combined with the hardware to suit your needs on the line. See below for more information on which solution is right for you.



The sigPOD is powerful process monitoring platform that offers an in-station display to be able to easily view and analyze your basic test data using PSV right at the station. 

The sigPOD is preferred if your application requires several channels of synchronous data collection for complex tests. This would apply to areas of your line where you may be monitoring multiple parameters along with your dispense operation. 

PSV dispense screens
Dispense process data analyzed right at the station using Sciemetric's PSV™ (process signature verification) software for sigPOD.

Sciemetric EDGE

Sciemetric EDGE

The Sciemetric EDGE is an innovative platform for process monitoring and control. Its compact, modular design allows it to be easily integrated onto your line and offers remote access control.

The Sciemetric EDGE is preferred for standard applications, offering simple, compact integration right at the station and blazing fast cycle times. The Sciemetric EDGE platform includes advanced data analytics using Sciemetric Studio accessed on industrial PC on the factory floor or in the field to maintain efficiency of your operations.

Dispense Sciemetric Studio screens
Dispense process data analyzed remotely or at the station (on industrial PC) using Sciemetric Studio software as part of the Sciemetric EDGE platform.


Sciemetric’s signature analysis systems have been used to monitor various dispense applications such as silicone beads and drops, anaerobic beads or drops, rotospray systems and the application of oil, grease and other manufacturing fluids. Our systems use PSV software to visualize dispense operations in-station and in real time, allowing you to catch fluid dispense production issues at the source, including:

  • Air bubbles
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Missed or incomplete purge following nozzle replacement
  • Oversized nozzle/wrong tip
  • Pressure deviations
  • Improper dispense time
  • Debris or semi-cured material
  • Optionally monitor upstream dispense components such as pail pump or auger pump, which can ultimately affect the overall dispense process

Analyze virtually any fluid dispense application in real time

Digital process data visualization identifies quality issues in any sealing or lubricating application, whether it's automotive gaskets, electronics, medical devices, consumer products, or any other manufactured product. Use our fluid dispense monitoring system on any of the following dispense processes:

  • Silicone Bead Dispensing
  • Silicone Drop Dispensing
  • Anaerobic Bead Dispensing
  • Anaerobic Drop Dispensing
  • 2-Part Epoxy Dispensing
  • Rotospray Systems
  • Oil/Grease or Other Fluid Monitoring
  • And more

Winning the war against bubbles with adhesive and sealant dispense monitoring data

Vision systems can’t see air trapped within opaque sealants and adhesives, and this results in chronic quality issues on a production line. Our dispense monitoring solutions utilize digital data process visualization to monitor dispensing applications with a high level of precision to identify faulty applications before they reach the end of the line. Learn more in this blog post by Sciemetric's Aaron Alberts.

Read it now

Image of dispense operation on manufacturing line

Case Study: Graco Inc.’s Cutting-Edge Dispense Analysis System for Drivetrain Gasketing

Graco Inc. teamed up with Sciemetric Instruments, ULC to create the Graco® Dispense Analyzer for use on its Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) metering and dispense system for drivetrain gasketing applications. The Graco Dispense Analyzer can detect microbubbles within fluid sealants and of tracking and recording dispense information. The Analyzer installs on many new or existing applications. The technology proves especially useful for verification of gasketing applications. Learn more about this turnkey dispense solution that detects microbubbles, improves error detection, response time and part quality.

Graco Dispense Analyzer

Graco Dispense Analyzer


Using machine vision to monitor dispensing? Get data!

Machine vision is commonly used for monitoring dispense operations, to measure bead width, location, etc. The issue is that these cameras only tell part of the story. QualityWorX Vision allows you to derive data from the images taken by your machine vision system and turn them into useful analyzable data.

QualityWorX Vision gives you the ability to:

  • Integrate scalar data and images, including image overlay information, from multiple cameras, traceable to a part serial number
  • Capture images and data for systems with limited or no storage capability at the camera level
  • Avoid the need to run down to the plant floor with USB sticks to move images from plant floor system to your system for re-analyzing
  • Use manufacturing analytics to enable fast retrieval, review and analysis of image and scalar data
  • Scale from single station to all cameras to all inspection systems on the plant floor
Sample signatures for a sealed joint
Example: View all camera inspection data for a sealed joint

QualityWorX Vision allows you to quickly find the source of process failures and respond to failure trends. For the same part you can see leak test results, fastening data, dispense data, the RTV image and the bead information.

Read the datasheet:
QualityWorX for Cognex® In-Sight® cameras