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A product comes back from the field with a warranty issue. The quality team spends days, even weeks trying to trace the root cause of the problem.


While manufacturers make substantial investments in the automation and IT infrastructure of their lines, many of these systems still leave a gap between manufacturing data collection and action. Many continue to rely on SPC data alone to govern product quality on a manufacturing line.

While SPC data is great at catching a problem, it is a poor tool for finding out why or how a problem happened.

Trace root cause fast to avoid downtime, more defects

If trying to track down the root cause of an issue that has affected quality or productivity takes days or weeks, talk to us. Our solution is a unique combination of digital process signature technology for rich data, a focus on the parts as they are being manufactured and extremely advanced analytics tools. This provides full end-to-end visibility in the manufacture of a part, visibility that is critical when there is a problem to solve.

Quality Issues Halted Production: How Sciemetric Helped

An international agricultural machinery manufacturer struggled with an overwhelming amount of production data and no means of making it useful. Read how Sciemetric helped to consolidate and analyze production line data to quickly trace root cause when quality issues halted production.


From information overload to data-driven decisions 

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You’ve got data – terabytes of it – but what’s next? Read our e-book to find out how you can better trace root cause, increase throughput without affecting quality, improve station performance and more.

Download e-booK: PUT YOUR DATA TO WORK




Add real-time manufacturing traceability to your line with Sciemetric 

From leaky seals and valves, to bad welds and cracked castings, you can spot a problem and trace root cause before that faulty part ever leaves the plant. And you can fix the process and update your tests so it never happens again. Sciemetric provides leading manufacturing traceability solutions for the production line, with easy to use data solutions accessible across your whole enterprise:

  • sigPOD builds measurement, monitoring, data collection, and reporting into each step of the manufacturing process.
  • QualityWorX serializes this data into a birth history record for each part, where it can be mined at any time for insight.
  • Sciemetric Studio allows for additional analytics to hit the smart manufacturing benchmarks of Industry 4.

Sciemetric delivers on manufacturing traceability and root cause analysis 

  • Traceability to catch defects, trace root cause, and contain quality spills
  • Insight to limit quarantines and recalls to only that handful of units you have verified are flawed, instead of thousands
  • Flexibility to perform off-line “what if” analysis at any time for continuous improvement without disrupting production
  • Intelligence to adjust upstream processes and test parameters, to prevent a defect from ever happening again
  • Insurance for your bottom line and your reputation in the marketplace

Learn more about the role of digital signature analysis in tracing root cause.