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Sciemetric provides a comprehensive platform for real-time data acquisition, analytics, in-process test, and control. Our systems use the industry’s most advanced digital analysis technologies to determine the health of a process and easy analysis of related data to make continuous improvements. Our approach empowers any individual on your team to take the right action, at the right time, to optimize quality, efficiency, and yield—and keep the same problem from happening in the future.

Whether it’s a single station or you have a more complex challenge, contact us to see how we can help. 

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How to address common manufacturing quality challenges on the factory floor

On the production floor, the key components to quality are:

  • Understanding what process(es) affect quality assemblies
  • Creating tests or processes to catch defects as early as possible
  • Responding quickly to a spill or quarantine
  • Avoiding defects, incorporating lessons learned into tests

Below are some insights on dealing with these common issues affecting quality on the production line:

Standardizing quality across plants

Case Study: See how one manufacturer moved beyond end-of-line testing to improve manufacturing quality across international plants. Read it here > 

Reducing downtime due to spills, quarantines

Quality issues can halt production until the root cause is found and manufacturing can be confidently resumed. See how an OEM used their test data to reduce downtime > 

Improve quality and line efficiency with part data

The root cause of a problem found at one station may actually be attributed to a previous step on the line. Learn how to use your part assembly data instead of just looking at problem stations to understand the cause of quality issues > 

Cut warranty claims by improving critical-to-quality tests 

Case Study: Sometimes a single station can cause – or solve – a quality problem. See how one OEM cut warranty claims with dramatic improvement to leak test. Read the case study > 

Set more effective control limits on production tests

Optimizing limits eliminates false failures and reduces the risk of defects making it through. Learn how Sciemetric takes the guesswork out of limit-setting >  

Integrating a test or monitoring system into an existing station

Adding intelligence to get the most out of an existing station can boost not only quality but also yield. Learn how Sciemetric makes this easy, without a rip-and-replace >  

Using waveforms to cut the time it takes to diagnose quality problems

Finding the source of quality issues can take time. Read this whitepaper to see how digital signatures can significantly accelerate root cause identification >  

Collect the right manufacturing data to improve part quality

There is so much data and it can be overwhelming. This article discusses what data will help drive quality > 

Apply solutions best suited to your specific operations 

Every type of manufacturing station operation has its own challenges. We have solved problems for manufacturers across their lines, across various industries. Browse our case studies and application notes to find more info on your specific application or operation > 

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