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In-process testing and process monitoring at its best 

IPT (In-process testing) is about catching issues at the stations where they happen, when the cost of resolving them is the lowest. The result is higher quality, better cost management and ultimately competitive advantage.

Our process engineers are experts in process monitoring and optimization for discrete manufacturing.  For over 35 years, they have created and implemented innovative applications for many manufacturing sectors and have proved that no matter what specific industry you are in, our technology applies across the production line in any plant. They’ve applied off-the shelf or custom solutions for virtually any repeatable process across the line to solve a challenge, boost quality, or lower cost.


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Put us to work to optimize your manufacturing line or fix a problem


Whether it’s for an engineering study or proof of principle, to map a process, optimize performance, or solve a problem, contact Sciemetric for expert process engineering assistance.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Test system optimization: Review your production line and assembly processes to identify and implement possible improvements that will boost quality and throughput, and even drive first time yield to 100%
  • Process insight:
    • Deliver signature analysis for a confident view of the entire process
    • Determine the best way to monitor and manage a challenging assembly operation, applying expertise in sensors and measurement
    • Enable complete traceability for every aspect of assembly and provide real-time reporting of production yields
    • Bring together all the information from across the production line to provide a consistent view of quality and the intelligence needed to optimize the line
  • Test limit settings: Develop optimal pass/fail limit algorithms
  • Root cause analysis: Provide the tools and know-how for tracking and preventing root-cause production defects

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Tell us your challenge and we’ll give you a custom solution. At Sciemetric, we’ve spent almost four decades developing and delivering innovative solutions for the problems that plague manufacturing production lines. Slow cycle times, unreliable test results, poor traceability, uncertainty in test limits – these are the challenges we thrive on. Let us tour your production line and show you how we can help.




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Our IPT Consultation services are an integral part of the Sciemetric service portfolio developed to help you reach your business goals.


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