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Sciemetric’s ISD (Integrated Systems Division) offers flexible, customizable services and solutions to meet your needs. Anything from a small test cart to a full turnkey machine; we will manage every stage of the design, build, and integration process to deliver a solution that meets your needs, on-time and on-budget.

Sciemetric ships and installs turnkey systems around the world, with local support located across USA, Canada, Mexico, India, China, UK, and Europe. Working with Sciemetric technology, or any technology, our ISD group will collaborate with your team to identify your needs and bring the project to life. 




Turnkey test carts and systems 

Sciemetric has an offering of standard carts, customized solutions, or fully unique custom-built cart and bench designs to fit your testing needs and budget. We have delivered fully automated, semi-automatic, and manual systems, scaling from simple or complex. Our services include custom fixturing, connectors, and seals as the project requires. 

Some examples of our specialties include (but are not limited to):

⦁    End of line tests 
⦁    Functional tests 
⦁    Cold test and hot test 
⦁    Battery/EV test stations 
⦁    NVH sound booths

⦁    Controls and enclosures 
⦁    Hydraulic power units for endurance testing
⦁    Repair/regression bay managers 
⦁    And more


past ISD projects


Machine retools, expansions, retrofits, and upgrades 

Sciemetric offers on-site and off-site retools, expansions, retrofits, and upgrades. We work with what you have to find the most efficient and economical way to deliver on your requirements. Whether you have an older system that needs to be retooled for model year upgrades, an expansion required to add a new test into your line, or upgrades needed to bring aging or obsolete controls and mechanical systems up to specifications, we have a solution for you.

  • Avoid a costly rip-and-replace

  • Sciemetric can rebuild and rework your older machines, bringing them up to speed with modern manufacturing technology and insights—without having to do a costly rip-and-replace on the line.


Leverage Sciemetric's expertise in in-process testing & manufacturing data and analytics

Process monitoring, measurement, and data analytics are core specialties at Sciemetric. Our systems are built to enable visibility into every moment of production, enabling the best root cause analysis capabilities possible. 

Data acquisition and manufacturing analytics

Sciemetric is a specialist in data acquisition and data management from part production processes. Whether it is building data acquisition into a new system or applying modern data technologies to an older system, we help you access the insights you need to ensure quality products are leaving your line and that you can continuously optimize your processes.

Our data management and analytics solutions are flexible and scalable to your needs. With our QualityWorX suite of data management and analytics tools, we can enable real-time data insights and alerts, visualized defect detection, and continuous improvement at one station, or across a production line. Our team can help you determine the best approach for you.

Sciemetric Studio screens
With the QualityWorX suite of data management and analytics tools, including Sciemetric Studio, production data can be analyzed remotely or at the station (on industrial PC).


engine line stations image
The above uses the example of an engine manufacturing line to illustrate all the applications that measurement can be applied to for improved defect detection. Click the image to explore the stations further.


Process monitoring and measurement

Sciemetric is the industry expert on part and components manufacturing processes and in-process testing. This expertise enhances all of our offerings, as we have a deep understanding of how the manufacturing line works and where problems are most likely to occur. We then apply measurement and alerts at these stations to make sure faulty processes are identified before they move further down the line.

We can apply measurement tools to nearly any application, including press, crimp, torque, dispense, leak test, rundown, gauge and profile, and functional tests, granting you access to the quality insights you need.