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At Sciemetric, we strive to not only provide industry-leading products and services, but dedicated support to make sure you are able to make the most of our solutions. We offer a variety of ways for our customers to reach out and receive quick, convenient support. Let us know how we can help you.

Depending upon the requirements of your case, support may be covered by warranty. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions and/or Sciemetric Support Agreement.


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Standard support hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (EST)
24/7 emergency support is available for line down situations that require immediate action.

Call +1 613 254-7054 and press 1 to be transferred directly to Support.
Contact your nearest regional office during local business hours. Find yours here.

Typical response time is one hour, with problem resolution time dependent on the nature of the situation. If you require onsite support, we can make arrangements to have an Applications Specialist sent to your location as soon as possible.

Online Customer Support Center 

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All Sciemetric customers can register their products to create an account and gain access to the Customer Support Center for quick and convenient access to documentation and support materials. In the Customer Support Center, you can log and track support cases and product returns, register your products for faster service, and gain access to software upgrades, patches, product manuals, and more.



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For quick, convenient product support, email us! Be sure to include all relevant information to help us serve you most efficiently. This would include your name, your company, your location, your product serial number (if applicable), a description of the issue, etc. (see below for more details). Typical response time is the next business day.

For non-product support issues, please find the right contact here.


Help us serve you better 

For quick issue resolution, please have the following information ready:

  • Your contact details. If the problem is related to QualityWorX, also provide the contact details of your IT administrator.  Clipboard icon
  • The product(s) affected (e.g., sigPOD 1202, Model 300-24, QualityWorX RBM) with serial numbers
  • A description of the issue: When did it begin? Were any changes made prior to the issue occurring? Has anything been attempted to solve the issue?
  • For software on a sigPOD (e.g.,IPT, InspeXion or PSV) either a screen capture or the InspeXion version number shown in the lower right corner of the System Shell and the application version number shown in the lower left corner of the System Shell.
  • For Sciemetric Studio, provide the device ID and/or activation code along with a screen capture of the issue, if possible