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When you’re dealing with leaky parts, your biggest challenge should be finding them before they move further down the production line, not worrying about whether your leak tester is doing its job. Let our Sciemetric leak test experts help you get your leak tester running—and keep it running the way you expect.

Optimization for leak test

A properly configured leak tester is critical for reliable, repeatable results. Experienced Sciemetric Applications Engineers will come to your site to teach your team how to set up and configure your leak tester to get the most out of your investment. Flip through the tabs below to find out what’s included in our Leak Test Optimization Services.

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Our Application Engineers have the knowledge and experience to explain everything you need to know about leak testing.


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Find out how to harness the data from your leak test and how to interpret the results for fast, accurate decision-making.


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We’ll check your entire test from hoses, fixtures and seals through a trial run to make sure you’re getting the repeatability you want.


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Learn how to configure all the fine details that will give you the optimal leak test for your parts and your requirements.


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What more can you do to make sure your leak test is the best it can be? We will give you that information—in detail.


Calibration for leak test

Leak testers can get out of calibration for several reasons. Make sure your leak test results remain accurate with our NIST-traceable Calibration Services.

Maintenance for leak test

We offer a flexible set of on-site Managed Support Services to ensure your satisfaction with your leak test instrument over its entire lifetime.


Improve your leak test with data analysis

At Sciemetric, we pioneered the use of digital process signatures in manufacturing. These waveforms provide a complete birth history for every part on your production line. Learning how to collect and analyze them is key to making fast, immediate improvements in your leak test.

Learn how to harness your leak test data

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Explore our other service offerings

Leak test services are an integral part of the Sciemetric service portfolio developed to help you reach your business goals.