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Collect and store the right manufacturing data

Discrete manufacturing production lines include dozens of processes and tests. Each station can generate terabytes of data every day, in its own database. How do you consolidate these data silos and how do you know which is the right data for useful analytics?

Get the help of Sciemetric data experts. Our engineers can design and deliver the right data solution for you – from useful data collection and consolidation for enterprise-wide view, to data storage and retrieval that is a perfect fit to your existing enterprise infrastructure.

Based on your specific requirements, our Applications team can set up a custom data management and reporting strategy that is a complete line-wide solution and can include the following:

  • System assessment, system architecture, and server specifications
  • Collection and storage of the data types that matter to you (including scalar points, digital process signatures, and even images from machine vision systems)
  • Consolidation of all data types into a single source, from all the DYI or 3rd-party systems on your line, and all proprietary tests and process machines across the plant
  • Database backup, archiving and optimization
  • A suite of tools and know-how for data analysis to preempt or resolve issues and improve operations

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Bridge the gap from manufacturing data to actionable insight 

Our data scientists can cost-effectively take your data management and analytics to the next level.  With decades of industry-leading expertise and experience in data analytics, our consultants can customize Sciemetric’s data analytics and reporting tools for your specific manufacturing process. Then, they can deliver all the guidance you need in analyzing and presenting your data so that you can define actions for increasing your manufacturing efficiency.

Benefits of using our data services:

  • Monitor key indicators of manufacturing quality and performance by setting up an array of personalized dashboards  
  • Gain instant visibility into your production line to manage it proactively, instead of reactively
  • Avoid unscheduled down-time by implementing preventative maintenance of your equipment
  • Maintain 100% traceability through detailed records of end-to-end manufacturing data and provide proof of compliance for regulatory requirements
  • Optimize test station performance by setting accurate pass/fail limits, getting to the root cause of issues in real time, and plotting “what-if “scenarios
  • Maximize yield by quickly identifying the cause of bottlenecks in manufacturing processes
  • Minimize the impact of quality spills, reduce warranty costs, and confine recalls only to the defective parts by correct analysis of stored digital signatures from the production line
  • Accelerate process development, new product introduction and line launch. You can use data from one production line to quickly set up an identical line. The right analytics can lead to faster run-off and faster time-to-market.  

  • Quickly identify the root cause of defects without the need for expensive and time-consuming destructive tests by using the right analysis of waveforms and trend reviews

Let our data experts help you with your data collection and analysis for best informed decision-making and improved quality and yield on the production line.


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