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Since its founding in 1983, innomatec has built a strong engineering team and a product lineup that is focused on solving its customers’ leak test challenges with tailored solutions.  

Wolfgang Schillings founded innomatec with the idea to replace all traditional leak measuring methods, such as underwater testing, with computer-controlled leak testing devices and procedures. The company grew to deliver customized systems and test benches for leak checks, flow monitoring, and functional testing with water, air, helium and inert gas.

Today, innomatec’s client base includes household names from all sectors of industry, in 18 countries. With partners Sciemetric and CTS, innomatec delivers innovative leak test technology, quick connectors and custom systems development to customers across North America, Europe and Asia. innomatec customers can choose leak test instruments and test solutions with full service and support that is local and best-in-class. 

Sciemetric’s and innomatec’s products, along with those of CTS, are highly complementary. We amplify each other’s strengths to equip manufacturers, machine builders and industrial companies with the leak testing and Industry 4.0 capabilities that ensure superior proof of compliance, quality assurance, traceability and process improvement.

innomatec is headquartered in Germany. 

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