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To maximize the value of your Sciemetric manufacturing equipment and technology, successful deployment and adoption is essential. By enlisting the help of our application engineers to correctly integrate and commission your equipment, you can ensure the reliability and maximum efficiency of your operations.

With industry recognized qualifications, our technical staff can evaluate your production environment and recommend the best deployment strategy for your new hardware or software to accelerate adoption and to maximize the benefit of your new technology.


Complete support to get your production line
up and running quickly 

Sciemetric offers integration and commissioning services worldwide and has a number of local application teams around the globe. Our engineers can provide a full turnkey solution and project management or can work in collaboration with your staff to train and supervise them.

Sciemetric integration and commissioning services include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of your current setup, site survey, planning and deployment strategy
  • Equipment integration at the integrator’s shop floor or customer premises
  • Onsite equipment configuration and debugging
  • Equipment buy-off and equipment verification support
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Run-off at the integrators and at the plant
  • Custom application programming
  • Collaboration with the client’s information technology (IT) group to set up the systems, databases, and software required to deliver process monitoring, traceability, and data analytics solutions
  • Launch support for start of production
  • Operation and maintenance manuals

Sciemetric application engineers have successfully integrated and commissioned thousands of defect detection and process monitoring systems around the globe with local personnel who understand your unique challenges. We are committed to meeting the highest industry standards in deploying your equipment and guarantee quality of workmanship, consistency and adherence to best practices so that your system is compliant.


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Integration and Commissioning services are an integral part of the Sciemetric service portfolio developed to help you reach your business goals.


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