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Winning the Industry 4.0 quality race starts with a single station

In this e-book, you will learn how to: 

  • Use process signature data to derive key insights
  • Achieve better defect detection
  • Set more effective limits 
  • Optimize test cycle times
  • Adapt and adjust, quickly
  • Continuously improve the production line
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Whether you call it Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things or smart manufacturing, the underlying theme today is that making more effective use of data is key for manufacturers to remain profitable and competitive. This begins with the operators and engineers for whom the priority is to keep the line running. How can Industry 4.0 help them do this while achieving the seemingly disparate goals of cost reduction and quality improvement?

To find the answer, we have to look at the parts in production. They have their own story to tell, found in the data generated by each process and test that touches the part as it moves down the line. Understanding this story is key to making parts, not just right, but better, and raising a red flag before quality takes a hit. With part production data, manufacturers can elevate the efficiency and profitability of their operations beyond what is possible with MES and SPC alone.

The starting point is in-process testing (IPT) using digital process signature analysis. Instead of just collecting scalars, the full digital process signature of each cycle of each process or test (also called a waveform or trace) is collected at the station level.

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