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5 ways to make a manufacturing engineer's life easier

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. EDT

As a Manufacturing Engineer, you face many responsibilities on the line, from installing new equipment to keeping your current equipment running correctly and efficiently to deliver quality products at a targeted throughput. You may often be fighting against the clock, trying to resolve problems.

In this webinar, you’ll learn 5 practical ways to use real-time manufacturing data and trending alerts to improve product quality and solve day-to-day issues quickly and efficiently:  

  • Store to Improve Decisions: What data to collect and how to store it to be able to respond quickly to quality issues and speed up line and station launches  
  • Report to Improve Quality: How to use key reports to indicate production and quality issues and compare between stations and parts to solve day-to-day problems
  • Optimize to Improve Quantity: How to measure the health and efficiency of your processes to identify bottlenecks, reduce cycle time and improve productivity
  • Improve Response to Quarantine: How to use your data to quickly identify the root cause of quality problems and isolate defective parts to minimize the quality spill
  • Monitor to Improve Defect Detection: How to use real-time data monitoring to detect defects as they occur and implement continuous improvement on your line

We’ll use Sciemetric tools to provide live demos with data from common operations such as press-fitting, leak testing and torque testing.

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About the Presenter:

Robert Ouellette is a former manufacturing engineer with decades of hands-on experience helping manufacturers run their lines more efficiently. Robert specializes in developing defect detection methods to solve day-to-day and complex manufacturing problems, having developed technology and systems that are implemented on thousands of manufacturing stations around the world.