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Product Lifecycle Notice: Sciemetric EDGE / System 400

Re: Sciemetric EDGE / System 400 

In February 2020, the Sciemetric EDGE family of products has been released and made available to the market. This family of products has many improvements and updates, including the following:

  • An internal Real Time Clock to preserve the system date and time during power cycles, when running in standalone operation. Note this functionality exists for 412 carriers that are controlled through the InspeXion software platform.
  • A grounding lug on the exterior body of the carrier
  • Full PoE compliance
  • Improved passive heat dissipation through external cooling fins
  • Improved module to carrier front sealing

The intent of this bulletin is to provide notice to our valued customers of the availability of the new EDGE product family, and the existing products that the new family immediately replaces.  

Product Compatibility

The new model 10400-0412-0M12 carrier is backwards compatible with the existing model 400 modules (Part numbers ending in '000A'). Refer to the part number table below for details.  Note that the previous 412 carrier (PN 10400-0412-000A) is not forward compatible with the new revision of modules (PN ending in '0M12').  Additionally, the M12 connection that supplies power and ethernet to the model 412 has changed format from D-code to X-code to permit full PoE compatibility. This requires a different cable between the 10400-0412-0M12 and the PoE switch / injector, which is included with the new carrier.  Finally, where multiple 412 carriers (000A) were installed directly adjacent to each other, new EDGE 412 carriers may not directly fit because of the added fins in the new design.  In these rare cases, an adapter bracket will be provided with replacement EDGE 412 carriers, at no charge.  Please refer to Sciemetric Technical Bulletin 2118 Revision 2 for further information.

Chart of models

Key Dates

With the availability of the new EDGE product family, the system 400 product numbers for the carrier and modules listed above ending in '000A' will be discontinued, and will be replaced with the updated model part numbers ending in '0M12'.  

Future availability of carriers and modules ending in ‘000A’ will be limited to current inventory, and can be purchased if available. It is highly recommended to transition to the EDGE product family however.

The following dates apply to this transition:

  • Product Discontinuation Notice: 10 June 2021
  • Warranty Support Until: As per Terms and Conditions 
  • Technical Support Until: 10 June 2023**

** Customer service is a Sciemetric priority. Please note that while Sciemetric will endeavor to continue supporting legacy systems beyond the dates noted above, this support will be provided on a best-efforts basis.


Visit for more information on Sciemetric EDGE product offerings. 

More Information
If you have any questions about this notice or would like to learn more about our other product offerings, please contact your Sciemetric sales representative, call us directly at 1-877-581-0112 or email


Click here for PDF of Product Lifecycle Notice: Sciemetric EDGE / System 400