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We are excited to continue to host special virtual training events with Cummins this year. 

You must register to attend these training sessions. The sessions are free to register, as part of your Master Services Agreement with Sciemetric. It will be a great opportunity for you to get trained on our broad portfolio of products and to get to know everyone better. Please see full list of current available training sessions, below: 

March 2022

Training will be comprised of three general webinar sessions and another more "hands-on" training session with limited registrant availability. 

General sessions: 

Leak Overview | March 15 @ 9-11AM ET (2 HRS) 

This webinar will provide an introduction to leak testing basics and theory, giving you the background you need to successfully run reliable and repeatable leak tests on your line.  

“Ask the Experts” Q&A Session | March 17 @ 9-11AM ET (2 HRS) 

Bring your leak test issues and problems and Sciemetric experts will tackle your toughest questions. 

QWX Overview and Sciemetric Studio Presentation | March 22 @ 2-4PM ET (2 HRS) 

This webinar will cover the basics of using QualityWorX and Sciemetric Studio, and how Sciemetric can help you capture and analyze any data from your manufacturing floor. 


“Hands-on” Session: Using Sciemetric Studio (Including New Features) 

March 24 @ 2-4PM ET (2 HRS) 

This “hands-on” training session will walk you through using Sciemetric Studio and its new features, including advanced trending, what-if analysis, how to change limits, using SPC-based charts and capabilities, removing data from data sets, and more. In order to provide a more effective learning environment with this advanced content, this session is capped at 10 registrants. Please register as soon as possible.