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The Sciemetric in-process testing (IPT) philosophy is to integrate measurement, monitoring, data collection and reporting into each step of the manufacturing process, and build a birth history of every part that can be data mined at any time for insight.

IPT means catching defects as they occur, when it is much less costly and disruptive to address them. It also means the ability to understand why the defects occurred. For over 30 years, Sciemetric has been leading the development of data-driven manufacturing technologies for front-line defect detection and combining them with the means to use the information acquired during these processes to gain insight.

Test any manufacturing process on your production line

Sciemetric products can be used for virtually any pass/fail test or process in discrete manufacturing. Explore some of the common manufacturing process testing solutions.

  • Crimp: Avoid destructive pull tests by monitoring crimp processes in real time.
  • Dispense: Effectively monitor and visualize the dispensing of adhesives, sealants, and lubricants by bead location and width
  • End-of-line (EOL): Perform and monitor end-of-line or functional testing of assemblies including press, leak, torque, vibration, and more.
  • Leak Test: Optimize your leak tests to provide real-time visibility and detection of defects before they results in product quality issues.
  • Press-Fit: Find part issues and identify process or machine issues in hydraulic press, servo-electric press, pneumatic press and mechanical press applications.
  • Gauge & Profile: Identify surface defects and incorrect assemblies, and monitor planarity in flat parts.
  • Sound & Vibration (NVH): Take a data-driven approach to detect clicks, whirrs, and other unwanted noise or vibration in motorized assemblies.
  • Torque: Detect anomalies in torque operations to trace the root cause of various types of manufacturing defects.
  • Weld: Monitor and analyze voltage, force, distance, and other variables associated with resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, arc welding and laser welding.

One standard solution across your line

Sciemetric technology can be used for virtually all in-process applications across the production line, simplifying the implementation, daily use and ongoing management of test systems. Using Sciemetric's standard product platform strategy with common hardware and software across the plant offers many benefits, including:

  • Easy integration into existing manufacturing process testing systems
  • Advanced manufacturing process reporting and analysis
  • Real-time pass-fail feedback across multiple testing stations
  • Fewer types of test systems to understand and manage
  • Standard look and feel reduces training requirements and means a shorter learning curve
  • Easier to clone a station
  • And more

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Manufacturing process testing means better quality parts, fewer defects

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Continuous improvement comes from excellent visibility and a thorough approach to understanding the root cause of all process failures using data-driven diagnostics and comprehensive reporting. Contact us to discuss how IPT can benefit and improve your production line.


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