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Sciemetric’s 3520 Series Leak Tester delivers patented leak test technology that offers ultimate accuracy and blazing fast cycle times. The 3520 Series has been designed to address the issues faced by manufacturers, making achieving reliability and repeatability in your leak test quick, simple and effective.

Sciemetric’s leak detection systems can handle leak testing parts with volumes of less than 1cc to 1,000,000cc while delivering the speed and accuracy manufacturers require. Our leak tester has been used in various industries including consumer goods, powertrain, and components manufacturing in both automotive and off-highway, industrial applications, and medical devices.

Test types include:

  • Pressure decay
  • Vacuum
  • Flow
  • Blockage
  • Volume measurement
  • Burst testing
  • Helium evacuate and fill
  • Customizable pressure and flow sequencing for more demanding pressure and flow test applications



Every component of the 3520 Series was designed for optimal test accuracy, from its superb pneumatics and high quality sensors to its precision measurement electronics and advanced pressure regulation design.

  • Pressure measurement resolution – down to ±0.000,01 psi
  • Pressure control resolution – down to ±0.000,01 psi
  • Flow measurement – down to ±0.2% of full scale
  • Features temperature compensation: Testing independent of part volume, atmospheric pressure or ambient temperature fluctuations



Fast fill, fast stabilization and software with the ability to make fast decisions mean more parts can get tested and bottlenecks are reduced. The 3520 Leak Tester is so fast, it may even eliminate the requirement to purchase additional leak test stations on your line.

  • Ultra-fast fill for large parts
  • Fast pressure stabilization
  • Fast pass/fail decisions 



The 3520 Series is a flexible leak test platform that supports a wide range of test types and requirements.

  • Flexible for low and high volumes
  • Wide range of leak test types
  • Test any part
  • Configurable software
  • Flexibility to use same controller software to combine leak test with another test at the station



The 3520 Series is built for the needs of the factory floor, for easy integration on the line. It features:

  • Compact design, particularly for high flow applications
  • Robust IP65 enclosure can be mounted in virtually any environment without the need for additional protective enclosures, significantly reducing system cost
  • Mount with rear integral brackets
  • All connections are on the front of the unit
  • M12 connectors for I/O
  • Fail-safe design ensures valves default exhaust state if power or air pressure is lost
  • Ethernet connectivity provides ease of connection and management of the 3520 units
  • The separation of controller and pneumatics enable placement of system close to the device under test, reducing hose length and minimizing other factors that affect accuracy



The 3520 Series offers all of the features required to harness the power of IIoT and data in your smart factory, and the intelligence to make the right leak test decisions – get the right data, right now.

  • Ethernet interface
  • Rich data output
  • Remote control and operation
  • Web-based setup and diagnostics
  • Three ways to view and analyze data:
    • Advanced Process Signature Verification (PSV) software
    • Sciemetric Studio
    • QualityWorX

Sciemetric also offers a Leak Tuner Assistant, making it quick and easy to setup your 3520 Series Leak Tester take full advantage of its capabilities. This add-on to the 3520 makes tuning the PID controller software used to manage test pressure and optimize each phase of the test cycle as simple as entering the test pressure and (optionally) the fast fill pressure. An automated sequence of measurements and data analytics do the rest to determine the right settings and walk the user through any required adjustments.


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Master your leak test—with data!

One of the fastest ways to make your leak test better is to analyze the data it generates. Sciemetric’s QualityWorX data intelligence software gives you the ability to collect comprehensive digital process signatures from every leak test on your production line.

Leak test data gives you the insight you need to improve your leak test with better test limits, greater repeatability, reduced cycle times, full traceability, and more.

Download the e-book: Improving your manufacturing leak test with data 

Find the right leak tester for the job

With the largest family of test products in the industry, Sciemetric and CTS work together to find you the right solution. Contact us to help determine which leak test type and system will meet your targets for leak test cycle time and Gage R&R. Our leak test specialists will help to identify any factors affecting the test, such as temperature, to identify the right accessories and approach to the test.


Solving your leak test problems: Proven results

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7 steps to improve your leak test

Leak testing is often an art as much as it is a science. Manufacturing quality engineers and machine operators on the production line must contend with variations in air supply, thermal effects, swings in ambient temperature, station setup and so on.

In this e-book, we present best practices and offer practical steps to help you achieve a better leak test on your manufacturing line—today. Topics include how to make sure your leak tester is setup for optimal results, tips to reduce cycle time, and key indicators to look for in your test data.



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Reduce Gage R—from 40% to 5%

With a Gage R of about 40%, operators tried various tricks to get a pass, such as pressurizing the part faster during the fill phase, running the test repeatedly, or just ignoring fail results altogether. But this only served to drive up the number of warranty claims from the field.

With one of their models running between US$150,000 and $350,000 per unit, the costs of warranty claims were adding up fast, as well as threatening to harm the manufacturer’s brand reputation. Using the 3520 Series Leak Tester, Sciemetric was able to reduce Gage R to only 5%! The 3520 paid for itself in a matter of weeks – the first time a leak was caught that the old system would have missed.


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Proven success in countless applications

Sciemetric has been helping manufacturers perfect their leak test since the 1980s. We have experience and expertise on a wide range of components and assemblies, including fuel rail injector, radiator, carburetor, wheel hub, brake line, master cylinder, and more.

By implementing Sciemetric’s leak test monitoring and data collection and analysis solutions, we have helped manufacturers across the globe identify defects that previously went undetected, enabled quick and effective root cause analysis, and provided the ability to demonstrate proof of quality with complete traceability across every production line in the enterprise.


Turnkey leak test station

Incorporate the 3520 Series into a turnkey leak test station

Sciemetric’s turnkey leak test stations enable manufacturers to quickly and easily implement Sciemetric’s innovative 3520 Series leak test technology on their line. The turnkey stations can hold up to four leak test modules, handling any of the leak test types supported by Sciemetric’s 3520 Series leak tester including pressure decay leak test, mass flow test, vacuum test, and more. Custom stations can also be developed to meet the specific needs of your line.



Leak Test Services

Leak testing can be complicated, but with the Sciemetric Applications and Support team by your side, it doesn’t have to be. Our team has the experience and expertise to perform set-up, optimization, calibration, and maintenance services on your leak tester to make sure your leak testing equipment is running as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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