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Discontinuation Notice: SigLEAK, SigMETER, 298 chassis

Product/Service Bulletin

Ottawa | October 9, 2009 - Due to changing customer needs and alternative product offerings, Sciemetric is announcing the discontinuation of three products: the SigLEAK®, the SigMETER®, and the 298 chassis.

To better meet customer requirements, Sciemetric has created new product offerings, resulting in the discontinuation of the SigLEAK® as of October 31, 2009. Sciemetric will provide support as per contract terms and conditions, but cannot guarantee support after June 30, 2010. As alternatives, Sciemetric offers the sigPOD® Leak and 3300 Leak Test System.

SigMETER®, introduced over 10 years ago, will be discontinued due to the lack of availability regarding components used in its manufacture. The SigMETER® will be discontinued as of December 31, 2009, replaced by the sigPOD® family of products. Sciemetric will provide support as per contract terms and conditions thru December 31, 2010, but cannot guarantee support after this time.

Finally, the 298 chassis will be discontinued.  It is important to note that Sciemetric will continue to support existing systems, including the upgrading of CPU drawers, 200 series cards, upgrades to InspeXion, and applications support.  The 298 chassis will be available until December 31, 2009 with support provided as per contract terms and conditions until December 31, 2010, after which date support cannot be guaranteed.  Sciemetric's 300 series with optional enclosure provides customers an alternative to the 298 chassis.

Specific notices can be accessed by clicking the following links:
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Manufacturer's Discontinuation Notice 298 chassis 

For further information on these alternative products, and others offered by Sciemetric, or if you have any questions, please visit, contact us directly at 1-877-581-0112, or via email at