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Sciemetric EDGE is a universal industrial analytics platform that can help you digitize and perfect your processes in record time. Comprised of intelligent hardware and software, the platform offers a sophisticated and exciting way to monitor up to 40 channels of data, perform real-time pass/fail control, and gain the visibility required to optimize and control the overall process. These processing, analytics, and control functions are remotely configurable, providing you with centralized management of your distributed operations. Sciemetric EDGE is IP65 rated, designed for harsh environments.

The Sciemetric EDGE IIoT platform uses digital process signature analysis to provide in-depth insight into the performance, reliability, and repeatability of industrial applications. Facilities across a wide variety of industries trust our flexible process monitoring and control systems for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, condition and machine monitoring, and data acquisition and measurement.




  • Each module contains its own compute and storage power for true distributed edge computing
  • Set up, analyze and update your application with a single software – Sciemetric Studio
  • Trust advanced digital process signature analysis for an accurate picture of your operation’s health 
  • Use the waveforms to quickly visualize data from each process

Sciemetric EDGE was designed to be easy to deploy across the factory.

  • Compact and modular design, easy to place in almost any location
  • Rugged, IP65-rated packaging for harsh, industrial environments
  • Can be installed almost anywhere, without the cost and complexity of an enclosure
  • Scalable to meet different system requirements, from 1 to 40 channels
  • Power-over-Ethernet (POE) simplifies device management (with Model 412 carrier)
  • Fan module in EDGE 414 quad carrier is easy to replace

Sciemetric EDGE supports any processing, analytics, and control requirements with direct machine mount and direct sensor connections for low total system cost.

Manage your EDGE systems—from device settings to process applications to data analysis—on your PC using Sciemetric Studio software.

  • System/Device Management: For Module discovery, live channel views, quick and consistent remote deployment, system backup, and log retrieval
  • Application Management: For task configuration, feature/limit editing, parameter editing, variant management, and change validation for your application
  • Data Review: To visualize feature trends, waveform trends, feature correlations, part/event history records, and statistical data

Sciemetric EDGE provides distributed intelligence where you need it to digitize, access, and analyze all the data from production systems so you don’t miss any anomalies causing issues in your operations.

Sciemetric EDGE’s modular form factor, scalability, and ability to accept nearly any analog or digital input means it can be deployed for process monitoring and control in a wide variety of applications using a standard network architecture.

Direct Connection to Any Sensor 

Sciemetric EDGE modules can connect directly to almost any sensor used in industrial applications today for maximum versatility and low overall system cost.

  • Bridge
  • mV, V, AC or DC
  • Current
  • Resistance
  • IC Temperature Sensor (AD590)
  • Thermistor
  • 4-Wire Sensor
  • Humidity
  • Resistance Temperature Detector
  • Load Cell
  • Force Distance
  • Strain Gage
  • Mass Flow
  • Accelerometer
  • Laser
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Pressure
  • Torque
  • Vane Anemometer
  • Microphone
  • Solar
  • CdS Photocell
  • Wind Speed


One Software Tool Provides Remote System Management, Test or Process Setup,
Data Collection and Advanced Analytics

Sciemetric EDGE process monitoring software provides a comprehensive set of capabilities from module discovery and application creation through to data review and optimized application deployment.

These industrial operations data analysis capabilities include:

  • System/Device Management: For Module discovery, live channel views, remote deployment, system backup, and to retrieve logs
  • Application Management: For task configuration, feature/limit editing, parameter editing, variant management, and to validate changes
  • Data Review: To visualize feature trends, waveform trends, feature correlations, part/event history records, and statistical data


Expandable, Multi-Channel Data Acquisition

Photo of Sciemetric EDGE 412 Dual Carrier 

Sciemetric EDGE 412 Dual Carrier 

The Model 412 is a compact dual module carrier ready to deploy in harsh industrial environments. It provides power, Ethernet communications and high-speed direct synchronization links for two EDGE modules in a rugged IP65 sealed package. Communications and power are provided to the carrier by a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, which greatly simplifies wiring and setup.

Read the SCIEMETRIC EDGE 412 datasheet

thumbnail shot of 403 414

Sciemetric EDGE 414 Quad Carrier

The Model 414 is a Quad Carrier, side stackable up to 10 carriers. Modules are hot-swappable so there’s no interruption in operation. The carrier is IP65 rated for harsh environments and can be placed on a desktop or wall mounted. It requires a Sciemetric EDGE 403 Power and Network Interface. This 1 Gbps Ethernet network interface provides high speed data transfer with an 18-30 VDC interface and can power a system of up to 10 carriers / 40 channels.


Modular Solution for Any Combination of Digital and Analog I/O

Sciemetric EDGE 421: Universal Sensor I/O, 125 kSps Analog

Sciemetric EDGE 421: Universal Sensor I/O, 125 kSps Analog

This ultra-compact data acquisition and control device provides both universal input and output, allowing it to work with virtually any type of sensor. An advanced design simplifies the number of building blocks required for a large variety of applications. 

Read the SCIEMETRIC EDGE 421 datasheet 

Photo of Sciemetric EDGE 422: High speed industrial oscilloscope

Sciemetric EDGE 422: High speed industrial oscilloscope

This is the ideal choice when high-speed data acquisition is required for accurate time-critical measurements, such as ignition testing, timing analysis or general oscilloscope-type measurements. The all-in-one system contains its own processor, as well as analog and digital functions in an ultra-compact form factor.

Read the SCIEMETRIC EDGE 422 datasheet


Photo of Sciemetric EDGE 431: Universal TTL Module, 4 Channel 5 V TTL DI/O 

Sciemetric EDGE 431: Universal TTL Module, 4 Channel 5 V TTL DI/O 

Designed for the collection and control of sensors, relays and switches, the Model 431 is an all-in-one TTL module in a single, compact package. Its galvanically isolated channels and sensor power supply make the 431 a powerful data acquisition and control device.



A Single Industrial Analytics Platform for Multiple Applications 

Sciemetric EDGE IIoT analytics platform can be deployed for process monitoring and control across your entire facility. The innovative system enables process monitoring for industrial applications such as: 

Manufacturing line graphic yellow and white

Discrete Manufacturing: Part test and process monitoring to deliver quality parts, drive rapid root cause traceability, and enable real-time manufacturing floor analytics

yellow and white graphic of bottles on assembly line

Process Manufacturing: Monitoring of machines, systems and materials in continuous and batch processes for efficiency and process quality


yellow and white gear graphic

Condition and Machine Monitoring: Measurement, control and monitoring of machines, stations, and tools to track efficiency, uptime and operational conformance 

yellow and white graphic of a web browser with magnifying glass

Data Acquisition and Measurement: Versatility and power to meet a range of distributed intelligence requirements


Optimize Your Manufacturing Production Line with an Integrated Process Monitoring and Control System

Industrial 4.0 manufacturers must operate as efficiently as possible, minimizing the occurrence of defects that negatively impact first time through (FTT) rates. This presents a unique challenge for manufacturers: How do you increase your production speed while maintaining quality? 

Real-time process control systems give you an edge by improving your efficiency and productivity and reducing costs throughout your facility.  Our integrated process monitoring and control platform uses real-time Industry 4.0 analytics to deliver valuable insights across your production line.  Identify deviations from normal operations in production real-time, catch defects as they occur, and quickly determine the root cause of product defects found at the end of the line. 

Production floor

​​​​Monitor and analyze each step of the manufacturing and testing process, including press-fit, torque, and dispense.

Improve Your Press-Fit Process Monitoring

The Sciemetric EDGE Press-Fit includes a press application and 400-series hardware to form a single-ram press monitoring system. Like all Sciemetric EDGE process monitoring solutions, it is designed to be quickly configured and deployed.

A key feature of all Sciemetric EDGE industrial analytics platforms is modular scalability and flexibility. Our industrial operations data analysis systems are expandable, to monitor multiple press rams simultaneously. Data from force and displacement sensors is collected and analyzed using digital signal processing and signature analysis to detect any part or assembly defects.

Press-Fit will allow you to detect a broad range of defects, including:

  • Malfunctioning press equipment, e.g. loss of hydraulic fluid 
  • Out-of-tolerance components
  • Poor surface finishes
  • Broken parts 
  • Misalignment

In this video, Sciemetric’s CTO, Richard Brine, demonstrates the Sciemetric EDGE solution for press-fit applications on the production line. Learn how the Sciemetric solution gives you a close-up look at your application using powerful data acquisition technology and waveform analytics to pinpoint the specific problems in your process.


Sciemetric EDGE proves its powerful process monitoring flexibility—ensuring popcorn quality!

Sciemetric presented a practical demonstration of the Sciemetric EDGE, our new universal platform for industrial monitoring and process control at one of our recent tradeshows.

We brought a popcorn maker along to our tradeshow booth and hooked it up to our Sciemetric EDGE to demonstrate real-time process and quality monitoring for batch manufacturing.

Learn more in this blog post, or watch this video (right) from The Assembly Show floor, as Sciemetric's Product Launch Manager Robert Ouellette explains what is happening in real-time as Sciemetric EDGE monitors the popcorn maker.

Ready to start improving your plant's efficiency and enable continuous improvement? Sciemetric understands the needs of Industry 4.0 for manufacturers and other industrial customers in the modern landscape and delivers defect detection and industrial analytics solutions designed to make you more productive and profitable.