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E-book: Improving your manufacturing leak test with data

Is your leak test smart enough for Industry 4.0?

The struggle to test for and address leaks that lead to faulty parts and warranty claims is nothing new. But rising expectations for product quality and reliability are putting this test to the test like never before.

Leak never has, and never will be, a cut and dried test. There are so many variables and potential points of failure that can skew the accuracy and consistency of the test. By making the test “smarter” with sensors, software and analytics, quality engineers can manage these variables far faster and more reliably than they ever could before. Data is the key to giving your plant, and your front-line workers, the insight and intelligence they need to take action when it needs to be taken, to maintain output at the highest standard of quality. This is the essence of Industry 4.0.

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In this e-book, we explain: 

  • What is the right data to collect 
  • What a waveform can tell you 
  • What you can do with leak test data 
  • How Sciemetric is helping manufacturers improve their leak test with data...and how we can help you do the same