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More and more, a manufacturer’s customers are demanding a traceability system for manufacturing—verification that the products they buy meet their specifications and all relevant industry compliance standards.

The rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 has heightened expectations for traceability in manufacturing. It’s expected that suppliers and manufacturers have the production traceability and component traceability to supply a detailed data trail to provide quality assurance in manufacturing:

  • Customers and prospects want to see if your quality record matches their standards

  • OEMs want to ensure any outsourced material, part or sub-assembly you produce for them isn’t the weak link in their supply chain

  • Regulated industries, such as healthcare, have increasingly onerous compliance requirements, and they require proof that the requirements were met

Effective manufacturing traceability through process monitoring

Sciemetric pioneered in-process testing (IPT) technology for the manufacturing line, providing the most effective way for spotting production problems on the line. With Sciemetric’s in-process testing and monitoring solutions, combined with our QualityWorX manufacturing analytics software, you can collect, store, retrieve and analyze data from every station on your line, across your entire enterprise. 

Complete part birth history records create the ‘Batch of One’

Traceability is often associated with recalls and pinpointing the source of issues after they occur. Being proactive, however, is more productive and cost-effective than being reactive. Using part traceability tools as a preventative measure will benefit your business and ROI.

By equipping the process and test stations on a production line with smart sensors connected over a robust network architecture, manufacturers can capture all the relevant datasets generated by each cycle of a process or test. Nothing is left in a silo. All this data can then be serialized into a birth history record for each part.

The result? Part traceability at many points along the entire manufacturing line.

Traceability software for manufacturing allows you to avoid the costly process of destructive testing and make every product a Batch of One. Defective parts are identified and rejected on the production line before continuing to the next step.

Batch of one diagram


Add real-time production traceability to your line 

Birth history of pacemaker
Full traceability throughout the part assembly - birth history of a pacemaker


Real-time production traceability is essential for any discrete manufacturing operation. With Sciemetric, your team can quickly determine the “how” and “why” of any issue that is affecting quality or compliance with customer requirements or regulatory standards:

Protect your bottom line and your reputation for product quality with Sciemetric 

Better traceability in manufacturing starts with using tools that deliver the insights needed to increase supply chain visibility and improve quality control.  

Our traceability systems and software solutions help your team achieve:

  • Objective proof that a product was made to spec, with date, time and location of manufacture, components/materials used, operator tracking. Get complete in-process and end-of-line test results delivered in real time.

  • Regulatory recordkeeping to comply with legislative requirements. Sciemetric software can support data retention for safety, defense, and litigation purposes.

  • Increased customer retention and loyalty. Gain customer confidence and a new competitive advantage.

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