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To enable cost savings and production efficiency, manufacturers need to build products right the first time. This makes the first time yield (FTY) metric (which can also be referred to as first pass yield (FPY) or first time through (FTT), etc.), important for your line. Improving FTY has many benefits:

  • cut repair and rework costs
  • reduce bottlenecks on the line
  • boost overall production efficiency
  • deliver quality products

    Sciemetric has helped manufacturers around the world meet production yield goals through a combination of real-time data acquisition, in-process testing and data management and analytics. 

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    Methods for determining and improving FTY

    While many manufacturers report on yield, performance can become skewed by inefficient re-work or re-testing rates going unnoticed. To improve your manufacturing efficiency, FTY offers an in-depth view of production performance. Learn more about how monitoring first time yield could improve your line with the below resources.

    How to calculate first time yield and its cost [Whitepaper]


    Even small improvements in first time yield can produce very large savings in your product costs. Learn how to calculate FTY and the cost reductions possible.

    Download the whitepaper > 

    Manufacturer improves FTY by over 18% [Case Study]

    Read this case study to see how an automotive engine manufacturer worked with Sciemetric to improve both product quality and yield across their plants. Read the case study > 

    Overall Yield vs. First Time Yield: Which Offers the Greatest Return? [Article]

    Manufacturers must decide whether they should the focus on overall yield/output, or on first time yield. Our article shows how to apply this formula on your line and find the most efficient metric for you. Read the article > 

    Increasing FTT at Leak Test [Case Study]

    Sometimes, improvements to a single station can make a difference. Read this case study to see how FTT was increased by 11.5% while reducing cycle time at a leak test station. Read the case study > 

    CONTACT US to talk about helping you meet your fty goals

    Make small changes for a BIG impact on yield

    Sciemetric has decades of experience helping manufacturers across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, off-highway, and medical, improve first time yield in their factories. Whether it’s one troublesome station on your line, or a problematic assembly that spans across your line, applying process monitoring and data analysis tools can lead to substantial improvements in efficiency and huge savings on your bottom line.

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