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The amount of data produced in a modern manufacturing production environment can be overwhelming—but harnessing the insight it gives you is critical to realizing your Industry 4.0 objectives. Sciemetric Studio is a family of next-generation software designed to enable quick, in-depth analysis of production data from across your plant floor and enterprise. That includes visualizing digital process signatures, images from vision systems, and scalar data from test and monitoring systems. Within hours—not days or weeks—you’ll be resolving issues faster and proactively managing production.

This low-cost solution gives you a simple tool to review and compare complex part data for small groups of stations through a Windows-based desktop application, right from your PC. No database. No additional software. Just upload or drag and drop your test records using the intuitive, ribbon-based user interface.

Waveform overlay in Studio LT


Take all the capabilities of Studio LT and add these features for enriched analytics:

  • Create local projects or access any data in a QualityWorX database in real-time for enterprise-wide analysis
  • Integrate images and data from machine vision systems into your analysis
  • Create an Advanced Trend report that allows you to compare data for up to 10 features
  • Analyze up to 10,000 part records at the same time

Machine Vision images in Studio


"What-if” analysis lets you quickly develop or optimize test algorithms and limits and try them out on historical data before applying to live production, eliminating the need for time-consuming sequential trials. You can also compare parallel stations to determine the reasons for differences in performance. 

What-if screen



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Manufacturing data analytics for the Industry 4.0 environment

Sciemetric Studio provides data-driven intelligence to optimize your test station performance

  • Drill down into data to determine the cause of a part failure
  • View the complete data history for a part
  • Set optimized test limits on the station
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a test
  • Compare and trend information across stations to determine variations

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Put your manufacturing data to work

As the number of connected systems in an industrial environment increases, manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of data and manufacturing metrics to quickly resolve issues and proactively manage production. Sciemetric’s Data Intelligence software suite is an Industry 4.0 solution for manufacturers looking to unlock the potential of production data to make improvements across the line and the enterprise.

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