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Share part production data, part history records easier than ever with Sciemetric Studio 2.22 release

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Share part production data, part history records easier than ever with Sciemetric Studio 2.22 release
Latest release enables enhanced collaboration and insight for manufacturers

Ottawa, Canada, March 8, 2022 – Sciemetric Instruments ( – a pioneer of smart manufacturing technologies used by global companies to increase yield, improve quality, and optimize processes – has released Sciemetric Studio 2.22. 

This latest release makes it simpler than ever for manufacturers to export and print history reports for any single part or assembly in a serialized production environment. Easily share process and test station data across a plant or an entire supply chain. 

“Studio 2.22 continues to make reporting and collaboration easier across the plant and between plants,” said Robert Ouellette, Sciemetric Product Manager. “This enhanced capability provides even easier access to insights needed on the floor in the event of a quality issue, and meetings with management and decision-makers for more strategic, system-wide analysis and gains in quality and efficiency.” 

These latest reporting features expand Sciemetric Studio’s usability, for clearer communication between supervisors/managers and their teams, and between suppliers and their OEMs. If a quality issue arises, a part’s entire history can be as easily shared with key stakeholders inside and outside of the plant in just a few clicks. 

With this latest release, users can now:

  • Print and/or save any birth history record in various file formats, including .pdf, .xlsx, and more. There is also the option to email directly from within the Sciemetric Studio software.
  • Export a series of parts and all their related part production datasets (features, process signatures/waveforms, images, etc.) to investigate or improve manufacturing processes and/or quality. For example, the data for all the parts/sub-assemblies that are contained in a particular engine, or series of engines, on a powertrain line.
  • Easily customize any report, for greater clarity and insight. Choose to keep or omit stations, waveforms, images, or any other dataset, to focus on only those datasets of interest. 
  • Quickly pull reports together for team meetings, quality meetings.

Learn more about Sciemetric Studio: 

About Sciemetric
Sciemetric’s industry-leading data management and analytics capabilities empower our customers to start using their data today for greater process visibility and control and faster issue resolution. We deliver Industry 4.0 tools for a variety of industrial operations and manufacturing processes. Our expertise and reputation have been built over decades working with manufacturers world-wide to solve their biggest productivity and quality issues, and optimize their production lines quickly, through in-process monitoring/testing and practical data analysis. Sciemetric is part of the TASI Group’s Product Integrity organization, with sales and support offices in Canada, USA, UK, India, and China.