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Want to improve your manufacturing processes? Rethink your machine vision data management strategy

Contributed by: Sciemetric Staff

Machine vision images and data are a valuable part of the Manufacturing 4.0 equation. The problem is that machine vision images and data are often trapped in silos across the plant floor, with images stored in formats that make them difficult to access and analyze.

With the right data management strategy, you can make this data accessible to your team so it can drive value. You can empower people on the plant floor to take quick and appropriate action to address problems with quality and yield, and to create an organized archive of data from across the plant floor with which quality engineers can experiment to drive continuous improvement.

See tangible benefits with an improved machine vision data management strategy

Quicker issue resolution

Many factories store their machine vision images and data in databases separate from the rest of their production data. This makes it difficult to trace root cause when an issue arises.

By correlating data from all your manufacturing tests and processes in one consolidated database, you eliminate silos and enable your team to access all of the information they need to get answers quickly, regardless of their location.

Access a consolidated birth history record

By consolidating your machine vision images and data into your main database, you can integrate vision data, including images, into the full birth history for the part—e.g., leak test, dispense, fastening, weld, NVH, press, etc., all traceable in one database under one part ID. This makes it easier for front-line workers and plant managers to find and analyze the information they need in the event they need to verify a part was built to specification or provide proof of compliance.

Optimize your vision inspection system

Having all your data in one place offers many other benefits, including faster limit setting for vision applications, faster runoff of vision inspection stations and the ability to more accurately tune your processes. A comprehensive, consolidated database gives you the ability to more easily identify trends that require adjustment.

Dig deeper with our free e-book:
How to Use Machine Vision for Manufacturing 4.0

In this e-book, we explore how and why machine vision images and data should be integrated with the rest of your process and test data. This is not about monitoring camera performance, but rather, managing the performance of the station that is using machine vision inspection, to drive the profitability and competitiveness of your plant.


What you will learn in this e-book:E-book cover

  • How to use your machine vision data for much more than pass/fail and have real impact on quality down the line.
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  • What data management and analysis tools and capabilities you need on your line.
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